Giving People a Second Chance: Brooke Harlan’s Vision for a More Just Legal System

Brooke Harlan
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Brooke Harlan is a leading advocate for criminal justice reform and a champion for the rights of individuals who have been incarcerated. Miss Brooke has made it her mission to advocate for criminal justice reform and give people a second chance. Miss Brooke’s family owned and operated one of the first bail bond companies in Sumner County, TN, and she was initially hesitant to join the industry. However, after several life events, she realized that the bail industry was her calling. First, Miss Brooke’s husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving her to raise four children and run a business alone. Eventually, she found the strength to honor her calling and became inspired to transform lives and be a voice for the voiceless.

Brooke’s Bail Bonding is a bail bond business that serves Nashville, TN, and surrounding counties. Harlan explains that when someone goes to jail, it is their constitutional right to make bail. However, if they do not have the total amount of the bond premium, they can post their bail bond with a bond company for 10% and have someone cosign it. The bail bond company is then obligated to the court to ensure the defendant shows up for all court hearings when ordered. Miss Brooke has encountered many situations with her clients that cemented her mission as an activist, transformation leader, and transformation life coach.

Her vision for a more just legal system is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a second chance and that society benefits from a system that values rehabilitation over punishment. Brooke’s work is driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals who have been incarcerated and their families. These challenges include financial hardship, loss of employment, and mental health issues. She recognizes that the criminal justice system often perpetuates these challenges, making it difficult for individuals to reintegrate into society once they have served their sentences.

One of the critical areas of focus for Miss Brooke is the bail industry. She has been vocal in her criticism of the current system, which she believes is unjust and disproportionately affects low-income individuals and people of color. Her goal is to transform the bail industry into one that values the well-being of individuals and their families over profit.

To achieve this goal, Brooke has launched several initiatives aimed at providing support and resources to individuals who have been incarcerated and their families. These initiatives include mentoring programs, job training, placement services, and financial literacy courses. Harlan also works closely with community organizations and policymakers to advocate for criminal justice reform.

Miss Brooke’s vision for a more just legal system also includes focusing on rehabilitation and restorative justice. She believes that the current system is too punitive and does not do enough to address the root causes of criminal behavior. Instead, she advocates for programs and services that address addiction, mental illness, and trauma.

In addition to her work in the bail industry and criminal justice reform, Miss Brooke is also a transformational life coach and speaker. She uses her experiences and struggles to inspire others to overcome adversity and live their best lives. She believes that everyone has the potential to transform their lives and that with the proper support and resources, anything is possible.

Overall, Brooke Harlan’s vision for a more just legal system prioritizes the well-being of individuals and their families, values rehabilitation over punishment, and promotes restorative justice. Her advocacy work and initiatives have already significantly impacted her community, and she continues to inspire others to join her in the fight for criminal justice reform.


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