From Zero to Hero, Tommy Patterson Gains Unprecedented Success

In our current society, where most established entrepreneurs begin their success journeys with an upper hand in life, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could ever go from being broke to establishing one of the biggest companies in the digital content creation industry. Fortunately, we all don’t have to imagine since that’s practically what the CEO of WKND, Tommy Patterson, had to go through. His success story is one for the ages, a tale of triumph that begs to be heard. 

Tommy went from having absolutely nothing to failing multiple times in business. His road to success didn’t start out all that great, facing countless failures before getting to where he is today. Tommy is an investor, speaker and entrepreneur who is all about “failing forward,” despite the countless obstacles in his way, he became the owner of multi-million dollar businesses through his sheer passion and excellent work ethic. 

The esteemed entrepreneur is all about helping people scale their e-commerce companies to become the best versions that they can be. Tommy currently serves as the CEO of a digital content creation company that has helped many companies go from zero to hero. That company is none other than WKND. 

WKND is a digital boutique agency that focuses on creative marketing. The company was founded by brand owners for brand owners. The company currently owns and operates five internal e-commerce brands that each generate seven to eight figures per year. “We understand what matters from the business owners’ perspective because we build brands for a living,” explained Tommy.

WKND features a hybrid-agency model that allows the company to offer all the services necessary to successfully advertise on all major platforms. The company goes above and beyond by offering a diverse set of services such as email marketing, SMS marketing, web design, and branding; WKND does it all. It currently has four offices worldwide and two studio production locations in California which means that the company is well-equipped to take on a project of any size. 

“We love working with e-commerce brands or services who are looking to scale their customer acquisition efforts profitably while building out long-term retention models,” shared Tommy. “We do this by leveraging creative content that sells and building out robust sales funnels and customer journey experiences. Typically, e-commerce brands or services come to WKND for exponential growth in their business by leveraging creative content that sells. Creative content is the future of all digital advertising efforts,” he added.

Tommy has garnered massive success over the years, and it truly shows through his relatively robust business portfolio. He has been the acting CEO for five different direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands generating over $40 million in 2020. Tommy is also the acting CEO for the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer creative marketing agency in the world, WKND Digital. He is responsible for driving $250 million of sales for his clients in 2020, as well as growing the team from 11 employees to 115 employees in 12 months while maintaining profitability.

In 2021, he then went on and created WKND Investments and has successfully acquired three direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands within the last nine months. Within the last four months, Tommy has successfully acquired two digital marketing agencies and rolled them up into the WKND Digital brand.

It’s clear to see that Tommy has all the makings of a great CEO. He firmly believes that the greatest CEOs are selfless leaders who have a clear, strong vision of the future. They operate with clarity of purpose, lead by example, and listen to their core leadership team rather than preserving their own egos. Tommy embodies all of those qualities and more, which is why it’s no surprise that he has amassed all of this success.

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