From Vision to Reality: Ihor Kochura and Crystalia Glass LLC Crafting Elegant Metal Partitions and Breathtaking Glass Roofs in the Loft Style

From Vision to Reality: Ihor Kochura and Crystalia Glass LLC Crafting Elegant Metal Partitions and Breathtaking Glass Roofs in the Loft Style
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Crystalia Glass LLC and its co-owner, a construction engineer by profession, Ihor Kochura, are well-known among those who prefer to furnish their homes and offices in a loft style. The original metal partitions with glass inserts designed and installed by this company look exceptionally elegant, and the glass roofs that allow you to bring the sky into the room are truly breathtaking.

Crystalia Glass LLC was founded in 2017 in New York and, in its 5 years of existence, has gained recognition across all states and beyond America, in Canada and Mexico. Much credit for this goes to Ihor Kochura, a super-professional who oversees design projects, engineering, quality control, and timely execution in the company. He strictly ensures that the products and work of Crystalia Glass LLC comply with the standards and safety regulations for human lives and the environment prescribed by US legislation.

Professionalism in his blood

Few can boast the level of professionalism that 42-year-old Ihor Kochura possesses. He grew up alongside his father, who devoted his entire life to construction and involved his son in the field. Since childhood, Ihor Kochura has had a deep understanding of building details and structures, and he is well-versed in organizational, research, design, construction, installation, and commissioning works.

During his university studies, his talents became even more evident. Collaborating with his academic supervisor, he developed an innovative system for securing cables necessary for large buildings and designed a sports complex with a swimming pool for his university.

A trip to the United Kingdom had a significant impact on Ihor Kochura’s attitude towards construction. He was fascinated by the English architecture, which has retained its magnificence for centuries, and the British approach to historical buildings and new constructions that do not disrupt the overall aesthetics, making British cities and villages truly unique.

“I spent several months in England, drawing inspiration from the architecture of European countries, and I realized that my decision to become a builder was the right one. Yes, it was then that I understood that I want to build world-class buildings,” says Ihor Kochura.

A country where dreams come true

The whole world knows that Americans greatly value well-built homes filled with light and warmth, as well as large buildings. It is no wonder that when Ihor Kochura arrived in New York from Ukraine in 2015, he realized that America was the place where he could fully realize his potential as a builder.

Today, the list of successful projects by Crystalia Glass LLC includes Madison Square Garden, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Bank of America, SpaceX, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Yum Yum Donut Shops Inc., Starbucks, Nakatech, Nike, Vision Solar, The LaSalle Chicago, and Autograph Collection. The homes of famous individuals and ordinary Americans also complement the list, which actually features many well-known names. For each of them, Ihor Kochura designed and brought to life the glass and metal dream they envisioned.

Ihor Kochura’s schedule is planned down to the minute. Crystalia Glass LLC has numerous orders. However, the healthy ambitions inherent in this serious and highly experienced builder guide him towards grand plans that he and his business partners Oleksandr Semeniuk and Kiryl Kamaletdzinau intend to accomplish by the end of 2023.

This includes the development of their own dealer network in the United States and Canada, the creation of secure Steel Partitions for American cities, and the opening of regional offices for Crystalia Glass LLC in Texas and Florida. 

Of course, these are just part of the plans discussed by the leaders of this unique company. We wish them success and eagerly await even more innovative solutions that will make America even more convenient and beautiful.


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