From Nursing to Holistic Healing: Marilyn Dellit’s Evolution as a Functional Health Expert

From Nursing to Holistic Healing: Marilyn Dellit's Evolution as a Functional Health Expert
Photo Courtesy: Marilyn Dellit

According to a recent study from Grand View Research, Inc., the global functional medicine market is expected to reach a value of $172 billion by 2025.

The big question is, what’s driving this meteoric rise in functional medicine?

This data highlights the increasing global awareness and acceptance of functional medicine. In this changing health landscape, practitioners such as Marilyn Dellit take a central position in incorporating conventional and holistic methods.

Nurtured by Nature: Marilyn’s Early Beginnings as Healer

Marilyn’s early days were in the heart of Rhode Island’s coastal beauty. Among seven siblings, she explored mountains, played on the beach, and soaked in the charm of local farmers markets. Nature became her friend, shaping her love for the environment. 

Moreover, early encounters with holistic practices like reiki, massage, and herbal supplementation added a touch of healing to her childhood.

The Struggles and the Quest for Healing: Discovery of Functional Medicine

When Marilyn grew up, life took an unforeseen turn. While struggling to identify her own health challenges that traditional medicine could not account for, she was at a juncture. Unsatisfied with the boundaries of the traditional methods, Marilyn looked for answers outside the scope of conventional medicine.

It was precisely during this time that Marilyn realized the power of functional medicine. The functional medicine paradigm, which considers the body as a synergistic whole, spoke volumes to her. Unlike traditional medicine, it deals with the underlying root causes within the body, embracing the complex connections between different body systems. This discovery was a watershed moment in Marilyn’s life.

Recognizing a Gap and Founding Marilyn Dellit Wellness

Marilyn’s beliefs in true healthcare began to evolve when she was in nursing. Recognizing the coexistence of allopathic interventions and natural modalities, she became an advocate for natural living, recognizing the impact of poor nutrition and toxic load on the body. This realization, coupled with her own holistic journey after starting a family, led her to the world of functional medicine. Fueled by the passion to bridge the gap and empower women through education, Marilyn founded Marilyn Dellit Wellness.

Functional Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach

Trained with the School of Applied Functional Medicine, Marilyn brings nearly two decades of expertise in the field of health and wellness. Her goal is clear: to educate, inspire, and empower women to take control of their health. The cornerstone of her approach lies in functional lab testing. This comprehensive review, covering hormone levels, the microbiome, nutrient markers, metabolism, inflammation, immune health, and more, forms the basis for tailored wellness plans.

Building on this foundation, Marilyn’s expertise in hormone and gut health is particularly remarkable and precise. Recognizing the interconnected nature of hormonal imbalance and gut health, she focuses on enhancing women’s overall well-being through targeted nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation. Through specialized testing and personalized care plans, Marilyn guides women toward optimal health, showcasing her expertise in fostering a mind-body approach to optimal health and vitality.

Private 1:1 Coaching: A Personalized Wellness Journey

Marilyn’s private coaching is a deep dive into an individual’s health story. Through functional lab work, a customized support plan, and direct guidance, clients embark on a six-month journey toward healing. This concierge service includes biweekly virtual appointments, unlimited messaging, and educational resources, fostering a holistic approach beyond symptom relief.

Group Coaching: Community-Driven Wellness

In her group coaching program, Marilyn cultivates a vibrant community. Women motivated to restore health engage in daily guidance for lifestyle habits, nutrition, movement, mindset, and detox support. This collective approach aims at resilient and sustainable well-being.

Beyond Coaching: Marilyn’s Holistic Touch

Marilyn’s holistic approach extends beyond coaching to her shop. Here, she offers a curated collection of favorite products and home goods, emphasizing natural cleaning, holistic remedies, and easy-to-implement lifestyle ideas.

In Marilyn’s story, childhood adventures, challenges with health, and the discovery of functional medicine come together to form a unique narrative. From the coastal beauty of Rhode Island to the world of functional healing, Marilyn’s life journey is an inspiring tale of how nature, family, and holistic practices can shape a path toward sustainable health and wellness.



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