From Fast Food Worker to CEO, Business Owner Makes Big Bet on Life Story

From Fast Food Worker to CEO, Business Owner Makes Big Bet on Life Story
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In the realm of entrepreneurship, the path to success varies vastly. For Angela Burgess, the journey from a decade-long career in wealth management to becoming the CEO of Broad Oaks Consulting was not a traditional one. In her book, “Are You on the Right Bus? Navigating Change on the Road to Success,” Angela unravels her unconventional path to entrepreneurship, providing insights that transcend industries.

Broad Oaks Consulting, founded by Angela, stands as a beacon in empowering nonprofits to overcome fundraising barriers and focus on their mission of making the world a better place. The journey, however, began with a modest vision common among small business owners in America: work with a handful of clients, cover expenses, save for retirement, and find some joy along the way.

By the fourth year, Angela realized the potential of her impact was constrained by her own limitations. The decision to go ‘all in’ on her vision was daunting, but it marked a turning point. Instead of settling for the satisfaction of a business surviving more than five years, Angela envisioned a program that would revolutionize nonprofit consulting.

Drawing inspiration from successful consultants in various fields, Angela developed a curriculum-based approach to consulting—a first in her field. This innovative model, named “Laying a Foundation for Growth,” combines streamlined fundraising coaching, training for nonprofits, and clear, compelling marketing.

The program challenges the conventional decisions made by nonprofit boards, often filled with successful CEOs making strategic decisions in their businesses but adopting a different approach in the nonprofit sector. Angela’s groundbreaking model has proven transformative. Nonprofit clients completing the program and implementing the provided plan consistently double their annual fundraising revenue within 12-18 months.

Angela attributes her ability to bridge successful business practices into the nonprofit sector to her extensive career in wealth management. It’s the people she has met along the way, the lessons learned, and the connections maintained that provide the strategic framework for her consulting approach.

Angela’s journey from wealth management to leading Broad Oaks Consulting is a testament to the transformative power of unconventional paths. Her commitment to empowering nonprofits through innovative models challenges the norms, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of nonprofit consulting. As Angela continues to shape the future of her organization, her story serves as inspiration for CEOs to consider the profound impact they can have beyond their boardrooms.

Broad Oaks’ training, coaching, and leadership of nonprofit teams and the advisors who serve them have resulted in the raising of over $110 million for worthy causes across America. The organization offers several ways to increase impact:

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation:

Interested parties can schedule a 30-minute consultation to share their organization’s challenges and discover how the nonprofit can level up with their assistance.

Custom Philanthropy Training:

Recognizing that doing good yields a return, the organization emphasizes intentionality and strategy for lasting change. They provide custom philanthropy training to create more opportunities for the people served.

Create A Brighter World:

With tried and true processes, the organization enables nonprofits to focus more on the positive impact they desire to make in the world. Armed with a strategic map, organizations can proactively move ahead with a clear growth plan.

Initiating change starts with a conversation. The organization encourages interested parties to schedule a time to talk. Meanwhile, they offer an Organizational Impact Quiz, critically reviewing how organizations make decisions and take action.

Being on the cusp of a breakthrough without clarity on how to get there is frustrating.  Broad Oaks Consulting empowers nonprofits to break through fundraising barriers and raise more money with confidence so they can focus on the real work: making the world a better place.

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