From Artistic Roots to Entrepreneurial Success: The Inspiring Journey of Ianthe Mauro

From Artistic Roots to Entrepreneurial Success: The Inspiring Journey of Ianthe Mauro
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Entrepreneurship often stems from a passion that starts at a young age, and Ianthe Mauro is a perfect example of this. From her early days of creating makeshift stores in her bedroom to a successful career as an actress and photographer stylist, Ianthe’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been alive and thriving. However, her journey took a profound turn when she faced personal challenges and health issues that led her to discover her true calling. In this article, we’ll delve into the inspiring life story of Ianthe Mauro, a woman who not only pursued her entrepreneurial dreams but also found a way to give back and help others achieve their goals.

From Artistic Roots to Entrepreneurial Success: The Inspiring Journey of Ianthe Mauro
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Early Influences and Artistic Background:

Ianthe Mauro was born into a family of artists, surrounded by creativity and a passion for storytelling. Her mother was a choreographer, and her father, a composer, instilled in her the belief that everything in life is a story. 

My parents influenced me so much because what I saw my parents doing was following their heart. They were a loving, committed couple who didn’t do things the conventional way ever. We had challenges because they weren’t good financially and weren’t good with money. But we were never went without because they found ways to make things work so that they could have the time to create, to be available to friends and family and to be in service in the world. It inspired me to do things from my heart and always check in with my intuition and not just listen to conventional wisdom. 

This upbringing taught her that she could create anything and that the power of storytelling could shape her path in life.

From Artistic Roots to Entrepreneurial Success: The Inspiring Journey of Ianthe Mauro
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The Journey from Actress to Entrepreneur:

Ianthe’s early career included stints as an actress and stylist, but she longed for something more. She didn’t want to be the product; she wanted to create a physical product to sell. It was during a challenging period in her life, while going through a divorce and battling Graves disease, that she had a moment of clarity. She realized that her love for candles, coupled with her desire for healthier living, could be the foundation for her entrepreneurial journey.

Objects with Purpose: The Candle Brand:

In 2009, Ianthe Mauro launched “Objects with Purpose,” her candle brand. She was determined to create the cleanest and safest candles possible while maintaining the beauty and fragrance that had always brought her joy. Her candles quickly gained popularity, finding their way into over 200 stores across the United States and even international markets like Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Each candle told a unique story, a testament to her passion for storytelling.

The Transition to Coaching and Giving Back:

While her candle business flourished, Ianthe’s heart was increasingly drawn to helping others succeed. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, she found herself at a crossroads. The closure of stores threatened her business, but she turned adversity into an opportunity. Ianthe began coaching hundreds of women, teaching them how to start their own candle businesses from their homes. Her knowledge and generosity helped many women launch their entrepreneurial dreams.

A Shift in Focus: Coaching and Creating a Community:

As Ianthe continued to coach and guide aspiring entrepreneurs, she realized that her true calling lay in coaching and supporting others on their journey to success. Her passion for helping people gave her energy and purpose, and she decided to shift her focus. She became a certified coach and established the Circle of Support Group, a community of like-minded individuals and small business owners. Her vision is to create a nonprofit that supports single mothers in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

In conclusion, Ianthe Mauro’s journey from an artistic upbringing to a successful entrepreneur and coach is a testament to the power of following one’s heart and staying true to one’s values. Her story inspires us to embrace our passions, create with purpose, and give back to others in meaningful ways. As Ianthe continues to empower individuals through coaching and community building, her legacy of love, support, and entrepreneurship will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on those she touches.






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