From a Small Town to The CEO of Gobundance, Matt King Proves Anyone Can Stop Living Small

From a Small Town to The CEO of Gobundance, Matt King Proves Anyone Can Stop Living Small

By: Tom White 

Success gravitates to those who work hard, learn from their failures, and surround themselves with who they want to be. For Matt King, the CEO of Gobundance, a community of high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders, the journey to finding personal and entrepreneurial fulfillment sprang up from humble beginnings. At Gobundance, he has redefined success beyond the confines of wealth. His story isn’t just about financial success; it’s a testament to the transformative power of service and the dynamic impact of surrounding oneself with those who inspire greatness.

In that order, Matt describes himself as a husband, father, brother, son, friend, and entrepreneur. With over a decade of experience in building, restructuring, and scaling companies across multiple industries, Matt developed an unwavering passion for curating result-driven, high-performing teams that propel each other’s growth. Outperforming the competition and seeking opportunities have always been the cornerstones of Matt’s success strategy, yet his business acumen doesn’t solely define his journey; it’s shaped by a commitment to personal growth and a desire for genuine connection in all areas of his life.

At Gobundance, Matt found the source for the self-discovery and knowledge he needed to excel. Currently the respected CEO, Matt’s journey with Gobundance began with his voluntary work for the company. He helped with setting up and breaking down the events. He worked all hours, slept on a failing air mattress, woke up on the floor, and did it all over again just so he could be in the room with men who had achieved what he wanted. 

When Pat Hiban, one of the founding members of Gobundance, unexpectedly entered Matt’s life through a chance encounter on a bus for the volunteers, Matt committed to completing his quest to lead a ‘big life.’ Matt waved goodbye to a small town in Wisconsin, traveling cross-country to continue to volunteer for Gobundance and work more closely for the company. Little did he know that the community-driven group would have such a significant impact on his future, redefining his direction in life. 

“Back then, I wanted to accomplish great things and had an unfulfilled hunger for a bigger life despite barely knowing what it meant,” adds Matt. “After mine and Gobundance’s paths intertwined, I was working behind the scenes, finding ways to be of service to the members, and learning from them. That’s when I learned that when you surround yourself with those who have achieved what you dream of, the people, the energy, and the boundless potential inspire you to create an environment that attracts prosperity, naturally evoking your own progression and self-awareness.”

His philosophy of being of service has driven him to extraordinary heights, illustrating the impact of appreciating the process and living with integrity. While working at a country club as a teenager, Matt had the responsibility of polishing the shoes of members. He quickly realized that they were happy to take their time to talk and share knowledge when he took the time to take care of them. Being of service and turning the time and knowledge he received into empowered actions he could take became his recipe for success.

For Matt, grit and determination were pivotal in building his dream life. A fervent believer in ‘action produces results,’ Matt encourages budding entrepreneurs to trust the power of perseverance, take it step by step, and, most importantly, set quantifiable goals. 

“The journey is so much more than the titles you’ve obtained, roles you’ve held, and promotions you’ve earned. The essence lies in the lessons learned; hearts are moved, and lives are impacted,” shares Matt. “Your starting point never defines your endpoint. Getting to where you want to depends on the habits you create, the people you surround yourself with, and the actions you are willing to take.”

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