FRANKIE4 Appoints Hilary McMillan as New Group CEO

FRANKIE4 Appoints Hilary McMillan as New Group CEO
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In a significant move marking the next chapter in its illustrious journey, FRANKIE4, the venerated Australian footwear brand known for its seamless fusion of style and comfort, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Hilary McMillan as its new Group Chief Executive Officer. This decision, heralded by the Board of Directors, places McMillan at the forefront of FRANKIE4’s ambitious trajectory towards unparalleled success and innovation.

FRANKIE4 was conceived in 2010 by podiatrists Caroline and Alan McCulloch out of a Brisbane-based podiatry clinic with a vision to revolutionize women’s footwear. They aimed to create shoes that did not compromise style for comfort. Hilary McMillan’s association with FRANKIE4 dates back to these early days, starting her journey as the Human Resource Manager. Her role was pivotal in laying down the foundational ethos of FRANKIE4 – merging cutting-edge fashion with podiatric principles.

Over a decade, McMillan has been instrumental in shaping the brand’s destiny through various capacities, most recently serving as Chief Operations Officer and Brand Officer. Her leadership saw her navigating through diverse domains from retail operations to spearheading creative initiatives. With private equity backing propelling FRANKIE4 into its next growth phase, McMillan’s ascension to Group CEO is poised to leverage her profound understanding of the brand’s core values and operational dynamics.

Under her stewardship, FRANKIE4 has celebrated remarkable milestones including surpassing FY23 sales targets with earnings over $50 million and leading a global team that surpasses 200 employees. Moreover, under her guidance, FRANKIE4 developed its distinctive footbed prototype which has been instrumental in garnering over 100,000 five-star customer reviews – a testament to the brand’s commitment towards excellence and customer satisfaction.

Founder Caroline McCulloch expressed unwavering confidence in McMillan’s appointment stating, “Hilary possesses all the skills, passion, and vision to take FRANKIE4 to the next level. After 13 years, she has not only seen the company grow from a startup but has been integral to helping us navigate hurdles and key to executing the strategic plans that have gotten us to where we are today.”

Echoing this sentiment, Hilary McMillan shared her enthusiasm about her new role: “Taking on this responsibility within a business that’s close to my heart is not something I take lightly. We have an amazing team behind us at FRANKIE4, and with the support of the Board of Directors, I have no doubt that we will accomplish our goals.” She further emphasized their commitment towards pushing boundaries while delivering high-quality service and innovations that customers have come to expect from FRANKIE4.

As part of this strategic leadership transition, FRANKIE4 continues its mission not just in Australia but globally—redefining what it means for footwear to be both stylish and comfortable without compromise. 

Hilary McMillan’s story with FRANKIE4 is one marked by passion—a passion for people and an unwavering dedication toward fostering an environment where innovation thrives alongside tradition; where fashion meets function head-on. Her tenure as Group CEO heralds an exciting era for FRANKIE4 as it embarks on new ventures underpinned by its founding principles yet daringly looks toward what lies ahead.

McMillan’s leadership embodies a unique blend of experience within both operational realms and creative visioning—ensuring that every stride taken by FRANKIE4 under her guidance will be firmly rooted in understanding consumer needs while simultaneously leaping towards future innovations.

In an industry often criticized for choosing aesthetics over wellness or vice versa,

FRANKIE4 stands out as an answer to comfortable footwear, demonstrating how brands can strike an enviable balance between design appeal and health-conscious functionality—a legacy Hilary McMillan is set ardently upon continuing and elevating.

The brand is set out to expand their presence in North America. Their US flagship store opened in Bellevue, a city just outside of Seattle, WA in September, inside a luxury shopping destination called The Bellevue Collection. The brand just rolled out wholesale partnerships with industry giants like Nordstrom and J.Jill in the last quarter of 2023, as well.

With this momentous appointment, FRANKIE4 reaffirms its dedication not just towards maintaining but exceeding standards they’ve set themselves apart with—an initiative confidently entrusted into Hilary McMillan’s capable hands as she takes on her role at helm steering forward into promising horizons.

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