Fourteen-Year-Old CEO Frank Bernal

The growing accessibility of the commercial space has allowed the rise of entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Credited, as well, to the diversity that the world of business is currently witnessing are the changes in the social, political, and economic landscape. Now, the industry is no longer a battleground exclusive to middle-aged Harvard graduates as go-getters like Frank Bernal have entered the scene armed with a clear-cut vision of success and a game plan to translate their dreams into reality. 

Born to a generation where digital technology reigns supreme, Frank Bernal grew up with full awareness of the power of today’s online-based platforms and tools and their role not only in revolutionizing the way people approach human activities, such as meeting new friends, landing a job, and ordering food but also in generating wealth and securing financial freedom. Proving testament to his potential to become a powerhouse one day, he capitalized on that awareness and started making bold moves in an industry known for its cut-throat and competitive nature.

From the get-go, Frank Bernal has considered the vision of a stable future as the fuel behind his impressive drive. “My desire to work toward futuristic financial stability and my passion for a business pushed me to work diligently day after day, which led to the successful closing of a few hundred thousand dollars before the age of 14. I didn’t want to wake up to a nine-to-five job every day. As a result, no matter what issue came up, I continued to work,” he shared. 

Frank Bernal joins the ever-increasing number of people who cannot imagine themselves getting chained to their desks until retirement. Highly cognizant that more and more individuals will aim to live their lives on their own terms, the self-starter has gone the extra mile to teach others how to sell and close deals. 

Given the heights that Frank Bernal has managed to reach at such a young age, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that the road has been relatively smooth-sailing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as, not unlike those who are already at the forefront of the industry, he also had to contend with a seemingly never-ending string of challenges. Amid the odds, he preserved and clung to the dream he wanted to materialize. 

In guiding those under his wing in their own journey, Frank Bernal hopes not only to teach the technical aspects of entrepreneurship. Above anything else, he wants to place a heavy premium on values, work ethics, and self-confidence.

“Always remember that you can do it. To succeed in life, you must work smart and work hard. Therefore, don’t look for shortcuts,” shared the fourteen-year-old CEO. “Believe in yourself, your vision, passion, and motivation if you want to run a fruitful business.”

More can definitely be expected from Frank Bernal in the future as he continues to carve a path toward the summit of the commercial space.


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