Founded in 2004, VMD Companies Has Grown To A Top Real Estate Investment Firm

From an early age, James Vitas dreamed of becoming a top-notch real estate investor. From his basement, James Vitas began his entrepreneurial journey in 2004, founding VMD Companies at the age of 19. VMD Companies was built by James Vitas through his unwavering determination, persistence, and unstoppable work ethic. VMD Companies provides hands-on, entrepreneurial, creative real estate services in New England. VMD Companies offers a full spectrum of real estate investment services.

James Vitas specializes in commercial real estate acquisition, entitlement, financing, leasing, and disposition at VMD Companies. Using equity syndication and creative debt structuring, James Vitas strives to optimize the firm’s yields through opportunistic investment strategies. Vitas maintains close relationships with VMD’s LPs, lending relationships, and various high-profile connections. He has led the company through years of substantial growth, all during the Great Recession, credit crisis, and COVID-19 pandemic. Managing complex transactions and challenging times is James Vita’s forte. From New England to South Florida, VMD Companies has managed and invested over $1 billion in real estate under James Vitas’ leadership.

A business tycoon, VMD Companies has received numerous awards for its efforts. The New Hampshire Planners Associate and American Society of Civil Engineers awarded VMD Companies the project of the year award in 2012. New Hampshire again awarded VMD Companies the project of the year in 2016. To date, James Vitas’ most prized accomplishment is the largest single tenant net lease transaction in US history. It is estimated that James Vitas paid $52 million for the 827,336 square foot NECCO facility and sold it 18 months later for $355 million.
James Vitas attributes his monumental success to his outstanding team. VMD Companies has the mindset of winning every day, one step at a time. An euphoric feeling is brought to James Vitas’ heart when his team wins. One team member’s success benefits the whole team. There is more to VMD Companies than just a company. It’s a family.

With James Vitas and Phil Down as CEO, the future of VMD Companies looks extremely bright. As a graduate of Dickinson College and John Hopkins, Phil Down is extremely excited about the opportunity to lead this amazing company. Now, Vitas serves as the company’s Executive Chairman. With multiple divisions across multiple disciplines, VMD Companies has established its vertically integrated success over time. To stay contrarian, VMD Companies have always looked forward to the next best thing. Taking advantage of an institutional platform, VMD Companies continues to succeed as time evolves. As part of its five-year investment strategy, VMD Companies will hold alternative investments, specifically multiple offshoots that will enable it to pivot and capitalize on other alternative asset classes. It is certain that James Vitas will continue to dominate in these uncertain times. Stay tuned for all the exciting investments VMD Companies has in store.


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