fäm Properties: Disrupting Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape and Redefining Industry Standards

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/aerial-view-photography-of-high-rise-building-6oUsyeYXgTg
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/aerial-view-photography-of-high-rise-building-6oUsyeYXgTg

(Dubai, UAE, November 8, 2023) – fäm Properties, the largest real estate company in Dubai, has broadened its service offering to provide an integrated end-to-end real estate solution, incorporating technological advancements and ensuring data transparency. 

With its diverse brands, including fäm Luxe, fäm Living, fäm Interiors, commercial real estate, and more, the company caters to every aspect of real estate needs, from initial property selection and management to development and interior design, streamlining the entire process for its clients. 

The success of fäm Properties is underscored by their impressive 4.9 out of 5 Google Rating, supported by over 7,500 reviews. This rating exemplifies their commitment to excellence and the high level of trust and satisfaction they’ve achieved among clients in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.

CEO Firas Al Msaddi stated, “Our end-to-end services, powered by cutting-edge technology, ensure that every step is seamless, from the initial land acquisition to the final stages of property management.”

From property sales and leasing, encompassing a diverse array of residential and commercial properties, to comprehensive property management services, including tenant management, rent collection, and maintenance, fäm Properties addresses every aspect of real estate management with precision and expertise. 

Distinguishing itself in the market, fäm Properties also provides specialized services such as valuation and advisory, offering expert assessments and guidance on property values. 

Furthermore, fäm became the game changer in real estate after releasing DXBInteract, a platform that provides real time market insights and reports along with full transparency about all real estate transactions in Dubai.

With technology integration, fäm Properties aims to bring clarity and ease to real estate transactions. The company emphasizes its commitment to data transparency, providing clients with comprehensive market insights to make informed decisions.

Al Msaddi explained, “DXBInteract allows us to offer transparency in the Dubai real estate market. Clients can access comprehensive data that informs their investment decisions, reinforcing our position as a market leader.” The platform’s user-friendly design and up-to-date information make it an essential tool for anyone in the Dubai property market.

This move comes as the Dubai Land Department reports that the sales volume in early November 2023 surpassed a significant milestone, exceeding 116,000 transactions. This notable accomplishment reflects a substantial increase compared to the 97,000 transactions recorded throughout 2022.

For property inquiries and more information on Dubai real estate, visit fäm Properties.

About fäm Properties

Headquartered in Dubai, fäm Properties is a leading real estate firm offering sales, rentals, and property management services. Renowned for innovative solutions and technology-driven insights, fäm Properties guides clients through Dubai’s dynamic real estate landscape.

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