Faith in Nature: Crafting Sanctuary Spaces with Alderwood Landscaping’s Divine Design

Faith in Nature: Crafting Sanctuary Spaces with Alderwood Landscaping's Divine Design
Photo Courtesy: Monica Stevens

Landscape Design in the Pacific Northwest by Alderwood Landscaping is more than just grooming nature—it’s about creating a sanctuary where every hedge, stone, and water feature has a story to tell. At the helm of this evergreen story is Mike Semerad, an expert whose approach to landscaping is as deeply rooted as the trees he plants. Behind the lush designs and tranquil outdoor spaces of Alderwood Landscaping, a story of faith and growth unfolds beneath the vast skies of the Pacific Northwest.

Alderwood Landscaping isn’t just doing well; it’s flourishing. With two new locations in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Bellingham, WA, the team, led by CEO Mike Semerad, is bringing their nature-fueled vision to more corners of the region. Much of this success blooms from Mike’s God-first philosophy. This isn’t just about picking the right flowers or adjusting sprinkler heads—this is a testament to serving customers and nurturing employees with Jesus’ guidance. 

When we asked marketing director, Tim Zarra, about the surge in Alderwood’s outreach, his excitement grew, “It’s been incredible to see how our faith-driven leadership can create ripples across an entire industry. We believe in creating spaces that connect people in a way that honors Jesus through our clients and employees.” 

Alderwood Landscaping makes backyard resort living possible. The magic these folks wield transforms plain backyards into personal paradises designed to renew and inspire. Imagine stepping outside your door into a space befitting of a vacation brochure – that’s what Alderwood does best. 

The company traces its roots back to 1981 and has matured like a well-tended garden since Mike took ownership. Under his stewardship, seasoned with years of experience as a landscape architect, the firm has garnered accolades including the prestigious “Best of Houzz Design” and “Best of Houzz Service” awards for 2024.

Landscape architecture, design, and construction are all seamlessly woven together, thanks to a team of licensed landscape architects who craft each design with a personal touch. It’s a process that’s as collaborative as it is creative. Their portfolio, rich with verdant textures and fluid outdoor structures, speaks volumes of their harmonious relationship with the lay of the land.

Tim explains, “Every project is a dialogue. We listen not only to our clients’ dreams but also to the land itself, creating backyard resort living that is sustainable, peaceful and drives up property value.”

And while this artistry is cascading through the Pacific Northwest, you might wonder how this lines up with Mike’s faith in God. It’s simple; he views each natural element, each project, and each thrilled homeowner as a blessing, an opportunity to give glory through work, a chance to mirror the beauty of creation and God’s love.

Interested in seeing Alderwood’s touch of paradise firsthand? Their open-arms approach is evident in their presence—find them on Facebook or catch their latest inspirations on Instagram. If you’re itching for a more personal touch, their team is just a phone call away at (509) 467-8298, ready to guide you through the transformative journey your backyard awaits.

Alderwood Landscaping isn’t just sprouting new gardens and patios; it’s spreading a Gospel of growth, connection, and beauty in every corner of our natural world. As Tim puts it, echoing Mike’s founding philosophy, “Every stone placed, every plant nurtured, is more than just landscaping—it’s a testament to faith in action and a celebration of the outdoors brought home.”


Published By: Aize Perez


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