Expert Opinion from a Car Accident Attorney: Legally Persuading Insurance Companies to Award Greater Compensation After They’ve Rejected your Injury Claim

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Los Angeles, an extensive urban expanse, is infamous for its high frequency of traffic accidents. An intrinsic part of daily life, motor vehicles in this city often become agents of chaos, leading to unfortunate incidents that leave victims dealing with more than just physical injuries and emotional trauma. In such predicaments, the unwillingness of insurance companies to cover the full cost of injuries compounds the victims’ suffering. Yet, as Ben Charchian, the experienced legal stalwart at Big Ben Lawyers, suggests, this bleak scenario need not be accepted passively.

Charchian remarks, “Insurance companies often take advantage of uninformed victims, swiftly dismissing their injury claims or offering settlements far below the deserved compensation. There are, however, legal strategies and mechanisms that can be effectively deployed to pressurize these insurers into paying more.” He refers to California’s Bad Faith laws, an influential arsenal in the hands of the victims. These regulations clearly spell out an insurance company’s obligation to defend their policyholders in the face of valid injury claims, thereby reducing the risk of further lawsuits.

Elucidating this crucial legal perspective, Charchian explains, “If an insurer unreasonably rejects your injury claim or proposes an inadequate settlement, it provides you with a legal foundation to launch a lawsuit. In such instances, you can demand that the offending driver’s insurance company compensate for the full range of your injuries.” This potent legal stance furnishes victims with considerable leverage. It often happens that the at-fault party lacks sufficient insurance coverage to fully offset your injury expenses. When an insurance company shirks the responsibility to cover your injuries fully, they may find themselves obligated to bear costs surpassing their client’s insurance policy limits.

Charchian shares an intriguing case study from his practice to drive home this point: “In one particular case, I secured an additional $100,000 above the at-fault driver’s $250,000 insurance policy for my client, amounting to a total of $350,000. The insurance company had initially denied the policy amount, prompting us to sue the driver. We argued that due to their Bad Faith failure to settle, the insurer was obligated to cover the extra $100,000.”

Therefore, if an insurer denies your injury claim or substantially undervalues it, you can flip the script to your benefit and legally compel them to pay significantly more. In these circumstances, the invaluable role of an experienced car accident lawyer becomes evident. Their expert guidance can ensure that your rights are protected, and your claims are processed fairly and accurately.

Benjamin Charchian, the inspirational force propelling Big Ben Lawyers, is not merely an attorney with an impressive 18-year track record in personal injury and accident law; he is a tireless advocate whose relentless pursuit of justice in each case has established a new benchmark in the industry.

Though Charchian is celebrated for his profound expertise in car accident cases, his legal proficiency extends much further. Over nearly two decades, he has sharpened his skills, consistently yielding successful results across a wide array of personal injury cases. From motorcycle and bicycle accidents, presenting unique challenges due to riders’ vulnerability, to large-scale truck and rideshare accidents, where intricate corporate policies and multiple insurance providers can be involved, Charchian adeptly navigates each case with strategic expertise. That is why it is always wise to hire a great car accident lawyer to make sure the insurance carrier does not take advantage of you.

His legal representation also covers victims injured in pedestrian accidents, where he relentlessly seeks justice against reckless drivers. He excels in managing slip and fall accidents and injuries on public properties, battling against negligent property owners or local authorities to ensure victims’ rights are upheld. Charchian’s legal prowess further includes dog bite accidents and bus accidents, navigating the nuances of animal laws and public transportation regulations to secure just compensation for his clients.

Each of these diverse case categories carries unique challenges, and legal stipulations, and demands specific tactical approaches. Charchian’s ability to adjust and construct bespoke strategies for each case type bears testament to his comprehensive understanding of personal injury law and his commitment to his clients.

He adopts a diligent, strategic approach in every situation, ensuring no aspect is overlooked. Instead of merely reacting to events, he anticipates potential challenges, prepares for various contingencies, and continuously maneuvers to keep the case on the best possible course. This proactive and thorough approach has empowered him to consistently secure justice for his clients, even when faced with formidable opposition.

His unstoppable determination, coupled with his deep commitment to his client’s well-being, sets Charchian apart in the field of personal injury law and fosters a high level of trust among those he represents. This, in turn, ensures that his clients have the best possible chance of securing the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

For those grappling with the complexities of an injury claim and seeking a deeper understanding of their case or potential eligibility for additional compensation, Charchian extends an invitation to reach out to Big Ben at (818) 423-4878. For more information, testimonials, and 5-Star reviews about Big Ben Lawyers, please visit their website at

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