Experience Luxury and Personalized Skincare at Skin&Tonic

Experience Luxury and Personalized Skincare at Skin&Tonic
Photo Credited to Skin&Tonic

A haven for skincare enthusiasts, Skin&Tonic is a boutique skincare studio nestled in Raleigh, North Carolina, heading the league of aesthetic salons with their meticulously personalized treatments. The distinguished studio garnered immense admiration for the services they provide – facials that exclusively feature the globally acclaimed brand Biologique Recherche.

The brains behind Skin&Tonic, Lori and Robin, are two proficient estheticians who turned a shared vision into a thriving partnership. With over 25 years of experience in skincare under their belt and an uncompromising passion for helping their clients achieve their best skin, their well-sculpted craft transcends into every treatment provided at Skin&Tonic.

Skin&Tonic boasts a carousel of treatments to choose from. Their flagship services, Facials and Dermasweep, are a coup de maitre, a feast for the skin that addresses a multitude of skin concerns, such as aging, acne and dull skin. Complementing these are their additional services, like waxing and tinting, which makes Skin&Tonic a one-stop shop for luxury skincare.

Their exceptional repertoire of facials in Raleigh is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the estheticians at Skin&Tonic. The “Esthetician’s Choice” facilitates newcomers to entrust their skin to expert hands, who then decide the ideal treatment, resulting in a truly personalized Biologique Recherche facial experience. A highly recommended service, the “Sculpting Facial,” works to lift and tone the skin whilst releasing the lymph that our faces hold. The potent MC110 booster by Biologique Recherche is the star player in this treatment.

For those who dip their toes into Biologique Recherche technology, Skin&Tonic offers the “Biologique Recherche Customized Facial.” This treatment is a concoction of skincare practices like lymphatic drainage, sculpting, and the use of Biologique Recherche’s P-50, all fine-tuned to the client’s skin.

As its name suggests, the “Brightening Facial” is designed to counter pigmentation, resulting in noticeably brighter skin, while the “People’s Choice Facial” judiciously combines Dermasweep and Biologique Recherche facial spa in Raleigh, offering a deep exfoliating treatment coupled with other elements like lymphatic drainage, and extraction.

The crux of Skin&Tonic’s phenomenal success is its prestigious skincare brand, Biologique Recherche. Renowned for its plant-based products, this luxury brand encapsulates the highest level of actives with no added fillers or fragrances, perfectly aligning with Skin&Tonic’s philosophy to offer only superior skincare services.

Biologique Recherche products are embedded into each Skin&Tonic facial service, providing a unique skincare experience that caters to different skin types. The synergistic interaction between the product and Skin&Tonic’s skin treatment techniques delivers instant and exceptional results. Their team of highly trained estheticians personally recommends and instructs on the use of these products, ensuring optimal results based on each client’s skincare health and lifestyle.

Current patrons and new clients alike can benefit from Skin&Tonic’s complimentary virtual consultation. This service is a testament to Skin&Tonic’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, guiding clients in their skincare journey even in the comfort of their homes.

The magic of Skin&Tonic is portrayed eloquently in their mantra: “Our facials feature the world-renowned Biologique Recherche skincare line. Chosen as the official skincare for Forbes Travel, Biologique Recherche’s plant-based products are as effective as they are luxurious. Rest assured, you will find no added fragrance, no added fillers, and the highest level of actives.”

To experience the luxurious and personalized skincare services of Skin&Tonic, connect with them on Instagram @skinandtonicgirls, where they continue to inspire and educate on the pursuit of beautiful skin. The studio resonates a profound message: to provide individualized, superior skincare treatments that transform, revitalize and, most importantly, advocate skin health because at the heart of radiant skin lies Skin&Tonic.


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