Eugene Campbell III on Achieving Success and Giving Back to Society

For many people, philanthropy and giving back to society is their way of helping the world that has given them the opportunity to thrive better. Eugene Campbell III experienced firsthand the rigors of living in a difficult environment, and despite coming from a loving family, he felt the pangs of a world that was ready to tear anyone apart. Thus, upon growing into a successful basketball player, he has committed himself to giving back to his community.

Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, before moving to Carteret, NJ, Eugene Campbell III shared a love for basketball with his father and older sister. When he began to develop an interest in the sport, he had his family’s support, including his mother. The loving and normal family he had did not completely insulate him from the dangerous and violent realities of his immediate environment. So he had to move frequently from place to place as his family wanted a safer neighborhood to live in.

His educational journey was impressive as he graduated from a community college, Middlesex County College, with a 3.5 GPA and transferred to New Jersey City University, where he graduated with a 3.76 GPA. His grad school GPA was 3.6 before he committed to his basketball career. The moment he started to enjoy success in his career, Eugene remembered the vow he made in college to embark on some community-oriented work after graduation. He thus launched walkamilenourshoes as a community service initiative and later turned it into a nonprofit 501c 3. The nonprofit has given out shoes, clothes, food, and other basic essentials to people across different communities.

Eugene Campbell III has set himself apart as a successful individual and basketball player who made it out of the hood but still stayed committed to his community. His focus is on people still living in situations he was privileged to get out of, and he wants to help as many as possible live better than they currently do.

He understands how cruel and unfair the world can be; thus, he’s committed to playing fair and giving people all they need to survive in the world. Apart from walkamilenourshoes, Eugene Campbell III also owns a clothing brand called dif_fer_nt,” which inspires others to be themselves, showing that being different is good and is what makes everyone unique. Eugene has an inspiring story himself with his three college degrees, including a master’s degree in psychology and his record-breaking basketball spell at NJCU. He is currently showcasing his basketball prowess in Portugal, having played in numerous countries.

As a 25-year-old, Eugene Campbell III knows he has a lot to offer the world, and given all that he has been through and blessed with, he hopes to be the inspiring point that many people need to keep working towards their goals. “Make sure that you are working towards your dream every day and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so make sure you are productive and goal-oriented. As long as you work hard and trust the process, all of your dreams will become a reality.”


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