Esteemed Writer Sharon Terry Succeeds On All Fronts, Transitioning Into Personal Coaching To Help Others Achieve Their Dreams

There are far and few female authors that have made a massive impact in the world of writing. Sharon Terry is one of those few women leading the charge in creating urban fiction novels that have captivated the hearts of many audiences all across the world. In line with her vision, she established her own company called Champagne Books LLC, allowing her to open new doors for aspiring authors who are looking for opportunities in the industry.

Sharon “Champagne” Terry has taken it upon herself to become a personal coach for budding authors as she helps them navigate the cutthroat and saturated world of writing. She is fully dedicated to helping her clients develop a positive mindset that will help them zero in on their future goals. Champagne Books LLC has been a positive influence in the writing industry throughout the years, and it is set to become a staple within the industry in the years to come.

The esteemed novelist is mostly known for her otherworldly artistry and unique perspective on storytelling. She recently finished writing her urban fiction books entitled The Goddess of Lust, Love and Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, and anthologies Dark Memories and The Crossover

Writing has always been a massive passion for Sharon, and that passion seeps into many forms of the craft. One of the biggest passions in her life comes in the form of screenwriting, crafting pilot episodes for television, and the like. Among her current projects include writing a TV pilot for The Goddess who will air in the fall on MJOWN Network on Roku.

Her massive talents have garnered her various accolades in writing as well, granting her two nominations as Author of the Year in the ROC Awards, Top Female Author of 2019, and the Author Academy Awards. 

With Champagne Books LLC, Sharon Terry is positioned to leave her indelible mark on the writing industry by cultivating future artists and allowing them to succeed with her guidance. Sharon is an extremely passionate person who aims to excel in life, beauty, and success. She is someone who never backs down from a challenge and will surely not allow any of her clients to fall on their faces.

Aside from being a massively successful author, Sharon Terry is also an executive producer, actress, and model. She recently played the role of Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent called  I’ll Drink to That. She also had the opportunity to appear in the film Living the Dream and the web series In Between Jobs

As a multi-talented woman, Sharon Terry is empowering other women of her caliber to reach for their dreams and succeed in whatever field they choose. Her modeling work with Hass Entertainment has allowed her to appear in several high-profile fashion shows throughout her colorful career, including The Night of Elegance and The Summit during New York City’s famous Fashion Week.

Sharon Terry is succeeding on all fronts, being at the top of whatever field she chooses to put her mind into. She is a massively creative artist who is destined for nothing but success, and she vows to make her infectious success affect those around her as she takes a role in personal coaching. As her name implies, champagne is more than just a namesake; it’s a true embodiment of her elegance and class.

Find out more about Sharon Terry by checking out her official website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more live updates. 


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