ERC Senior Director and Business Development Coach, Eliot Popkin, Celebrates Growth of Client Businesses

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Eliot Popkin has worked for the past 22 years in the realm of business development coaching. As of recent years, he has added to his extensive business experience by working as an ERC Senior Director who helps struggling businesses to obtain a tax credit before they are no longer offered. With companies facing financial challenges in light of the pandemic and other global economic impacts, Popkin has made it a goal of his to help as many businesses as possible to grow their income and client base. 

Recently, Popkin adopted a goal of building a brand new business to a $1 million valuation in just 90 days. After many ups and downs over the course of three months, he is excited to share their $4.05 million valuation, far exceeding the benchmark goal. 

Now, he hopes to continue helping other business owners grow their income and expand their company. “On average, clients grow their income by 50% within 12 months,” says Popkin. “That’s one reason I was inspired to focus my professional career around helping other businesses grow, and now, I also want to help business owners qualify for the ERC tax credits.”

Through his business coaching, Popkin has cultivated a roadmap to enforce growth for any business who hopes to grow their business in a timely manner. He has helped over 4,600 small business owners generate a combined income of over $150 million dollars. “The 10 pillars I review with my clients revolve around the ideas to Pause and Pivot,” says Popkin. “As an entrepreneur, there will absolutely be challenges, sometimes daily. The more we are able to stay present in the moment and fix one challenge after another, that’s when I think we start to shine as a business owner. For me, being successful simply means showing up. Your past does not have to dictate your future, especially in light of these trying times that impacted everyone in one way or another. We have revamped our website to offer both 1-on-1 and group coaching so I can help as many business owners as possible. I think that collaborating with other growing companies is a helpful practice for any business owner, and there is a lot to be learned from one another no matter the product, mission or goal.”

As an ERC Senior Director, Popkin has partnered with CPA firm Abedian & Totlian that has over 40 years of experience. Popkin’s main target audience is clients with 2-500 W2 employees who have struggled significantly during the pandemic. Though not limited to this criteria, the goal is to help companies who show the most potential for growth, yet have faced great challenges due to unforeseen circumstances. Together with his team of collaborative professionals, Popkin was able to help over 1,100 businesses qualify for the ERC tax credits with an average of $200,000 each. With the ERC tax credit only promised as an option for the next year or two, Popkin has made it his goal to help as many businesses qualify for the benefits before it is no longer offered. 

Popkin is looking forward to helping more businesses in the next few years. “We’re so grateful to be able to aid as many businesses as we can, and we hope to continue offering our experience and advice to those that may benefit from it most.” For more information regarding business development visit and for ERC visit or contact:

Eliot Popkin, Business Coach and ERC Senior Director 



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