Eradicating Child Labor: Make It Happen Global’s Mission

Eradicating Child Labor Make It Happen Global's Mission
Photo Courtesy: Francisco Pagan

In the heart of the Dominican Republic, amidst its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, a monumental movement is taking root. Founded by filmmaker Francisco Pagan at the tender age of 21 in 2019, Make it Happen Global has emerged as a beacon of hope in the relentless fight against child labor and child marriage across Latin America. This organization is not just a testament to youth empowerment but also a challenge to societal norms that have perpetuated these injustices for far too long.

Make it Happen Global’s mission is audacious and clear-cut: to eradicate child labor and marriage within some of the most impoverished communities across the globe. With an approach that intertwines direct intervention with mental health support, the organization has already marked significant milestones in its journey. It has managed to rescue numerous children from dire circumstances, ensuring they have a chance at a brighter future free from exploitation.

Under Francisco’s visionary leadership, Make it Happen Global has leveraged social media platforms to amplify its message, reaching over 1.5 million interactions online. Remarkably, this was achieved with a lean team, highlighting the power of strategic digital engagement. Today, the organization boasts more than 25K followers who stand behind its cause, demonstrating the collective desire for change.

Francisco’s commitment extends beyond organizational leadership; he is deeply involved in coaching young individuals within these communities. By providing guidance on self-development seminars and spearheading fundraising activities, he empowers youth to take control of their futures and contribute positively to their societies.

The urgency of Make it Happen Global’s mission is underscored by harrowing statistics that reveal the extent of child labor and marriage worldwide. Despite significant progress in some regions, Latin America remains one of the areas where these practices are still prevalent. Francisco’s work with his organization serves as an inspiring force, motivating others to join this critical cause.

The issue of child marriage is not confined to underdeveloped countries alone; it is a global concern that requires widespread attention and action. As evidenced by recent legislative changes in several U.S states banning underage marriages for those under 18 – including Delaware (2018), New Jersey (2018), Pennsylvania (2020), Minnesota (2020), Rhode Island (2021), New York (2021), Massachusetts (2022), Vermont (2023), Connecticut (2023), Michigan (2023), Washington (2024) and Virginia (2024) – there is growing recognition of this pressing issue.

Francisco Pagan’s ambition doesn’t stop at direct interventions; he aspires to create a feature film focusing on child marriage in America. This project aims not only to generate funds for Make it Happen Global but also to create social impact through storytelling – showcasing real-life narratives that can ignite change on both individual and systemic levels.

In addition to leading this impactful organization, Francisco dedicates time to producing short films aimed at creating awareness around these critical issues. His multifaceted approach – combining artistry with activism – exemplifies how creative endeavors can be harnessed for social good.

For those moved by the plight of vulnerable children around the world or inspired by Francisco Pagan’s dedication and innovative approach toward eradicating child labor and marriage, joining Make it Happen Global offers an opportunity to be part of something truly transformative. Every volunteer who steps forward and every donation made brings us closer to realizing a world where all children are free from exploitation and able to pursue their dreams unencumbered by forced labor or marriage.

Make it Happen Global stands as a powerful example of what youthful zeal paired with strategic action can achieve against daunting societal challenges. It reminds us that change is possible when we unite under a shared vision — ensuring every child’s right to a safe childhood and promising future isn’t merely an ideal but an attainable reality.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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