Entrepreneur  Dan Lee on Spicing Up the Real Estate Scene With His Standout Marketing Videos

With the growing prominence of social media and the role it plays in the success of companies and individuals alike, the need to strategically utilize today’s digital-based platforms has become more apparent. However, there remain industries that are heavily reliant on traditional methods of starting and scaling a venture, one of which is the real estate scene. A multi-billion dollar business, it continues to bank on conventional marketing strategies, in particular, to bridge the gap between service providers and their target audiences. Highly accomplished entrepreneur Dan Lee goes against this grain by livening up the space through his entertaining marketing videos. By wielding the power of digital technology, he has managed to build an empire and secure a desired spot at the forefront of the industry. 

Widely considered one of Australia’s next property powerhouses, Dan is a former mobile phone salesman whose humble beginnings started with him standing by a small kiosk all day long, convincing passersby to change their phone providers. Armed with a dream he wanted to translate into reality, he barreled through every barrier, eventually finding his way to a real estate agency where he would work for a number of years and gain experience before launching his own venture. 

In 2016, the purpose-driven personality teamed up with his best friend to establish a promising business. Unlike many of its competitors, Plum Property took form within the four walls of an apartment. “I started it six years ago in my apartment with my best friend,” shared Dan. “During the first twelve months, it was just us. We didn’t tell clients we didn’t have an office – we always went to their house or met them at cafes.”

Plum Property, Dan’s brainchild, may have begun modestly, but it now stands as the third largest agency in Brisbane, Australia. Spearheaded by a team composed of 45 dedicated professionals, it has earned the patronage of a long list of clients and made a name for itself because of its utilization of and investment in social media. By doing so, it was able to rise through the ranks and stay afloat in a sea of competitors. 

Apart from its capitalization of social media and digital technology, another factor that made it possible for Plum Property to grow into a power player is the vision and leadership of Dan Lee. Highly cognizant of the intricacies of the industry, the well-respected entrepreneur has maneuvered the company toward success and helped it navigate the complex waters of the field.

Right now, Dan and Plum Property are aiming for national expansion. In the next years to come, the company hopes to dominate the entire real estate scene and solidify its standing at the top of the game. At the same time, Dan intends to guide others in the right direction by banking on his own experiences and journey. 

When asked about a critical takeaway, he readily shared, “Start small, keep your fixed costs down. Clients don’t care about your flash office – they are about service and results. A lot of clients will like the fact that you are a small business and are hustling to achieve your goals.”


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