Empowerment, Innovation, and Care: Rachael McCrary’s Gather Labs Ushers in a Healthcare Revolution

Empowerment, Innovation, and Care: Rachael McCrary's Gather Labs Ushers in a Healthcare Revolution
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In most stories, fashion and healthcare are two separate worlds. But for Rachael McCrary, they effortlessly blend. Once a fashion designer, Rachael is now the CEO and Founder of Gather Labs, a groundbreaking healthcare venture. She went from making comfortable lingerie to creating a healthcare revolution. It was a pathway that wove expertise with an instinctive desire to serve. 

Gather Labs is a vertically integrated, high-complexity CLIA laboratory that promises same-day lab results across over a hundred diagnostic tests—a promise that is not just about speed but potentially life-saving. 

How did Rachael make this big change? Her background in fashion, especially lingerie design, led her to see a need. She found that the bras women had to wear after breast surgery weren’t uncomfortable. This sparked an idea – the RxBra- which changed how women felt after surgery. It wasn’t just about fashion; it was about caring for patients.

However, life has a peculiar way of leading us down unforeseen avenues. During the global pandemic, when the world cried out for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and reliable COVID-19 tests, many turned to Rachael. From creating comfy bras, she played a big role in getting vital testing kits to people. 

Empowerment, Innovation, and Care: Rachael McCrary's Gather Labs Ushers in a Healthcare Revolution
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Observing the global turmoil caused by the pandemic and the pressing need for reliable diagnostics, Rachael envisioned Gather Labs. No longer was she limited to clothing design; she was now reshaping the healthcare industry. In 2022, she launched it in Beverly Hills, and it was a big hit. But why? Because of her dedication and her ability to see what the world really needed.

But success, as every seasoned entrepreneur knows, is a complex journey. She faced tough times and through it all Rachael believes stumbling blocks are just steps to success. Her past, from growing up in North Carolina to studying to be an EMT at UCLA, has made her who she is today. Every experience in fashion or science added to her big dream. Today, Gather Labs is not just about the laboratory; it’s about creating an environment where the care experience is transformed, patients feel valued, and results are swift and precise. 

This company is breaking barriers and showing that anyone can change their careers across industries while make a big impact with passion and determination. In Rachael’s case, she hopes countless young entrepreneurs find hope as she did. If a single female founder with a background in fashion can disrupt the health industry, then truly, the sky’s the limit.  

Gather Labs is pushing for a positive revolution, from sports teams to elder care facilities, from corporate giants to the adult film industry, they’re here to help everyone. For the elderly, the invaluable time saved by prompt diagnostics can spell the difference between life and death. And in every facet of Gather Labs’ operations, you see Rachael’s touch – a balance between the analytical and the intuitive. 

Behind every Gather Labs achievement is its founder, Rachael McCrary, who combines her has proudly combined her experience in fashion and tech with a strong sense of purpose in healthcare. As she stands on the precipice of a healthcare revolution, her unique journey and unparalleled commitment will hopefully usher in a brighter and more compassionate tomorrow for the lab industry and everyone it touches. 


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