Empowering Women Worldwide: Dr. Tammie Harris Paves the Path to Financial Success and Legacy

Dr. Tammie Harris
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In an era where empowerment and entrepreneurship intersect, Dr. Tammie Harris shines as a guiding light for women seeking financial success, personal growth, and lasting legacy. With over three decades of diverse professional experience, Dr. Tammie has carved an inspiring journey from real estate to empowerment coaching, earning her a position as an award-winning international keynoter, best-selling author, global business/entrepreneurship coach, and mindset strategist. Her unwavering commitment to championing women’s aspirations and transforming their mindsets is realized through Tammie Harris Coaching, a platform dedicated to reshaping perceptions, scaling businesses, and paving the way for generational wealth.

Dr. Tammie’s journey is a testament to her versatility and determination. Drawing upon her extensive background as a real estate agent/broker-owner, social worker/therapist, and ordained pastor, she has created a unique coaching approach that transcends traditional boundaries. “My purpose is to illuminate the path to financial success and empower women to believe in themselves. Every woman deserves a seat at the table, and I’m here to help them understand that they also have the power to create their own tables,” says Dr. Tammie.

Central to her coaching philosophy is the Sell & Grow Rich Academy, a transformative 12-week coaching program designed to equip women business owners with the mindset, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business infrastructure skills necessary to flourish. This academy is more than just a business program; it’s a mindset revolution that empowers women to recognize their true worth and seize financial opportunities. Through immersive experiences like bootcamps, masterclasses, and the Inner Circle Mastermind Group, Dr. Tammie fosters a supportive community of growth and resilience.

“Dr. Tammie Harris’s coaching is a game-changer. Her wisdom and insights have helped me unlock my potential and exceed my own expectations. The Sell & Grow Rich Academy is not just about financial success, but about igniting a fire within to create a lasting legacy.” – [Quote from a satisfied client]

Dr. Tammie’s achievements as a thought leader and motivational speaker are a testament to her dedication. She has graced major stages across the country, delivering captivating live and virtual keynote speeches to diverse audiences. From the Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour to esteemed institutions like Elizabeth City State University and Wake County Public Schools, Dr. Tammie’s influence resonates widely. Her words of inspiration have fueled countless individuals to take control of their financial destinies.

“Dr. Tammie Harris embodies resilience and success. Her journey from real estate to coaching is a source of inspiration. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable for anyone striving for excellence in business and beyond.” – [Quote from a colleague]

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Dr. Tammie is deeply involved in her community. She serves as the chairwoman of the Kayla J Community Foundation, reflecting her commitment to making a meaningful impact. Her influence extends to various media platforms, including prominent networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, as well as esteemed magazines like Boss Society Magazine and The News & Observer.

Recognitions and accolades have rightfully followed Dr. Tammie’s path of excellence. She was honored with the prestigious President Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award, a recognition of her exceptional contributions to her community and her unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment. An Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration from Trinity International University further underscores her success and advocacy. Notably listed among the “Top 10 Speakers to Follow in 2023” alongside luminaries such as Les Brown and Tony Robbins, Dr. Tammie’s influence continues to expand.

With Tammie Harris Coaching, Dr. Tammie doesn’t just offer business strategies; she offers a mindset transformation that guides women toward prosperity, legacy, and empowerment. Her coaching programs and speeches are a clarion call for women to believe in themselves, embrace their potential, and seize opportunities with unwavering confidence.

For more information about Dr. Tammie Harris and her transformative coaching programs, visit TammieHarrisCoaching.com. Connect with her on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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