Empowering Women in Sales: The Journey of Jennifer Lamprey

Jennifer Lamprey
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Jennifer Lamprey is a leading name in the sales industry, known for her expertise in empowering women to become successful salespersons. With a background marked by personal struggles, Jennifer has overcome adversity to become a successful entrepreneur and sales coach.

Jennifer’s journey in the sales industry began while working as a waitress at a local BBQ joint. 

But what propelled her to waitress at that BBQ joint is an even bigger story. At age 10, Jennifer lost her 18-month-old sister. The trauma was damaging for her parents, and Jennifer was unintentionally ignored. As a result, she had a brief forage into alcohol and drugs and decided to quit in a moment of epiphany, like an out-of-body experience when her true self spoke to her, appealing to her better judgment. That night, Jennifer stopped drugs and, that month, started her job as a waitress at 15 years old.

She quickly realized that selling was about one’s belief in themselves and their ability to know their worth. Over time, Jennifer has worked with thousands of women, helping them to develop their sales skills and achieve their business and personal goals.

Jennifer is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and community. She ran a women’s Mastermind that was voted the top-producing Mastermind by a group of leading CEOs. This experience taught her the importance of bringing together gifted individuals to achieve a common goal and never feel alone.

Jennifer has three key messages she wants people to learn from her:

  1. She believes that everyone’s worth is innate and needs to be recognized. This realization can empower individuals to achieve anything they set their minds to.
  2. She emphasizes the importance of learning to embrace and love sales. Sales allow individuals to expose their strengths and weaknesses and transform themselves in the process.
  3. She believes women are best equipped to sell when other women teach them.

Women have a different landscape of language, desires, and problems and sales led by men does not always resonate with them.

Jennifer sees herself as the go-to name for sales and envisions a future where millions of women are recognized as the top revenue producers in the industry the work. She also sees women collaborating to support each other and the industry’s growth as a whole rather than competing against one another.

Jennifer’s approach to sales is characterized by honesty and a focus on the heart of sales. Women are changing how deals are done, and Jennifer is leading the charge. With her unique insights and experience, Jennifer is a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in sales, especially women entrepreneurs and sales teams.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lamprey is a role model and inspiration to women looking to succeed in sales. Her resilience and determination prove that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and your worth. Jennifer’s teachings and programs are anchored in empowering women to know their worth and value and to sell with love and care. She is a leader in the industry and a true advocate for women in sales.


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