Embracing Grief and Everything That Comes Along with It: Rae Karim Champions a Process of Overcoming Grief in These Trying Times

“What is grief if not love persevering.” Such words ring true, especially in the hearts of the grieving. Most of us have experienced grief in some form or the other, and we can all attest to how heavy the emotion can be. Navigating grief is often taxing and draining, and it takes a lot of emotional strength to power through the entire journey. Fortunately, esteemed grief coach Rae Karim is adept at helping others embrace their grief and make it a precursor to greatness.

Our society’s notion of grief is something that could ultimately be transformed for the better. However, the barriers and the walls that we have put up need to crumble before we can ever learn to embrace this inevitable feeling that we all must go through. Rae Karim stands at the forefront of this advocacy, pouring her heart and soul toward helping others find the beauty in their journey with grief.

Unbeknownst to many, grief can also be a transformative experience. It takes an expert’s guidance towards this realization, which is why Rae Karim has dedicated herself to empowering and educating others to realize this throughout their respective grief journeys. As a passionate author, speaker, and grief coach, Rae Karim expertly plucks her strategies from her personal life experiences, coming up with a positive and holistic perspective on grief.

The thriving thought leader is on a lifelong mission to help people cope with loss, grief and sadness through her tried and tested methods. Through her work, Rae Karim uses her massive platform to send a positive message to the world, causing ripples and waves toward our acceptance and understanding of grief.

“Grief is an emotion that no one has to endure for so long,” shared Rae Karim. “I not only offer individual and group coaching, but I also advocate for grief support by way of community engagement.”

As a way to further her advocacy, she established the monthly event called Pen the Pain, an expression of grief through art. Rae also holds workshops that explore the theological perspective of grief and one to five-day retreats that include workshops about grief, ways to practice self-care, and other activities that help others cope.

Grief is often difficult and daunting, but there is no one else out there who fully understands the full breadth of this emotion apart from Rae Karim.

“I understand that overcoming grief can be an extremely long and difficult process. This is why I have established an endless list of programs that cater to the needs of every griever across the world,” explained Rae.

Five years from now, the exemplary grief coach and consultant envisions herself helping revolutionize the world’s perceptions of grief, hoping to solve all the common misconceptions that come along with such a heavy topic. She hopes to empower others to acknowledge grief, move forward with change, and embrace the emotion to give way to a transformative process. She hopes to see more individuals grow in the coming years. Rae Karim has positioned herself to create a lasting impact on our society’s perspective on grief, cultivating a deeper sense of meaning to the word and the emotion that goes with it.

Rae Karim has cemented herself as an expert on grief. She hopes to one day make a significant impact on our further understanding of what we grieve, how we grieve, and why we grieve.

“I would like to offer a curriculum to educate those in service professions such as social workers, pastors, chaplains, doctors, and nurses in ways that will increase their capacity for compassion and understanding. I especially hope to increase the knowledge of grief and grief expression for corporate America, in ways that will increase bereavement leave not only for adults but children as well,” shared Rae.


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