Elevating Entrepreneurs: 15 Business Coaches Transforming the Landscape of Success

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In the fast-paced world of business and entrepreneurship, where every decision can have a profound impact and innovation is highly valued, the role of a mentor is incredibly important. These individuals are the epitome of greatness, leading the way and inspiring others to reach new levels of success in both their personal and professional lives. Below is a list of 15 business coaches who are not just changing the game – they are rewriting the rules and transforming the path to success.  

1. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is widely recognized as a highly esteemed business educator and executive coach with a wealth of expertise in leadership and behavioral change. He is regarded as one of the most influential business thinkers worldwide and was honored as the top executive coach at the prestigious Thinkers50 ceremony. His books, including “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” and “Triggers,” have become bestsellers. Goldsmith, who holds a PhD from UCLA, was a trailblazer in the field of leadership development by introducing the concept of 360-degree feedback. With more than four decades of real-world experience under his belt, he has guided and mentored over 150 CEOs and their teams. His approach centers around practical and time-tested techniques to foster positive behavioral transformation.  

Goldsmith offers keynote speeches, leadership training, and coaching instruction for HR professionals. He has been recognized with several prestigious awards, such as the Thinkers50 World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker and the IMS Lifetime Achievement Award. Goldsmith’s goal is to assist accomplished individuals in making lasting changes to their behavior for personal and professional development. 

2. Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham, a highly respected business leader and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc., has a remarkable ability to transform the fortunes of his clients. With his expertise, he has successfully revitalized over 10,000 clients across more than 1,000 industries worldwide, leading to substantial increases in their profits. Jay’s approach is truly exceptional, as he has a knack for discovering valuable assets, untapped opportunities, and areas that are not performing up to their potential. This has earned him immense respect from CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts. He questions conventional marketing approaches and brings in fresh, low-risk strategies from different industries. 

Jay’s impressive track record in business growth, risk reduction, and performance enhancement has made a significant impact on over 100,000 individuals and has helped organizations achieve breakthrough success. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in strategy, innovation, marketing, and management. 

3. Dr. Darren Chua

Dr. Darren Chua is a speaker and coach who is known for his expertise in BEL coaching, which focuses on business, executive, and life development. With his expertise in empowering business leaders, team builders, and individuals, the founder and owner of the Mindset Transformation Clinic is widely respected for his ability to unlock their full potential and enhance their performance. Dr. Chua’s journey is truly remarkable, as he encountered a major setback with a massive stroke at the young age of 24. His unwavering belief that disability is a mindset drives his unwavering commitment to empowering others to unlock their potential and accomplish their aspirations. 

Dr. Chua has been extensively recognized and honored for his significant contributions, receiving prestigious awards such as the Goh Chok Tong Enable Award, Young Outstanding Singaporean, Successful Entrepreneur, and Best Executive Coach. Aside from his coaching, he has also written two books. Dr. Darren Chua’s unwavering dedication to personal growth and transformation has established him as a highly respected figure in the field. 

4. Samantha Jayne 

Samantha Jayne is an experienced Multi-Dimensional trance healer and spiritual business coach, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over her impressive two-decade career in the service-based spiritual industry. She has a strong passion for assisting individuals in overcoming obstacles and achieving financial success. Samantha has a diverse range of skills and experience in the spiritual and holistic fields. She has worked as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Trance Healer, Holistic Therapist, Holistic Trainer, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Tutor, and a Spiritual Entrepreneur Coach. In addition to her impressive credentials, she is the proud owner of an accredited training academy, a published author, and a sought-after inspirational speaker. 

Samantha Jayne has made numerous appearances on various TV shows, radio programs, and in well-known publications. Her work as an entrepreneur coach is driven by her dedication to personal development and ensuring that the journey is filled with joy. She has a unique expertise in supporting individuals who are dedicated to their spiritual path, ensuring that they can achieve their goals while staying true to their beliefs. 

5. Danielle Gardner

Business coach Danielle Gardner is an expert in helping HSPs, introverts, and Human Design devotees succeed. She has authored ‘Quiet Marketing’ and is renowned for her ability to simplify the complexities of the business world. Danielle stands out from other coaches with her distinct perspective, which centers around cherishing a slow-paced, nature-focused lifestyle. 

She is deeply committed to finding simplicity in both business and life, effortlessly translating complex ideas into easily digestible concepts, and supporting individuals with unpredictable energy levels in developing concise educational programs. She is passionate about spreading unique messages that inspire people to unwind and let go, questioning traditional industry practices like the ‘membership model.’ Danielle is dedicated to making a positive impact in the business world and advocating for ethical marketing strategies. She strives to integrate her passion for a peaceful and environmentally conscious lifestyle into her work. 

6. Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans is a well-known figure in the realm of online commerce and is often referred to as the “Shopify Success Queen.” With an impressive 35 years of experience, she has played a crucial role in assisting a wide range of businesses, including startups and traditional retailers, in enhancing their online presence and boosting their revenue streams.  Her track record is truly remarkable. For instance, she played a crucial role in helping Susan expand her retail business from $250,000 to nearly $2 million between 2020 and 2022. 

Veronica is a highly acclaimed author with a global following. Her book series, “Shopify Made Easy,” has gained immense popularity for its invaluable insights into creating thriving online stores. With her wealth of knowledge in eCommerce and Shopify, coupled with her international financial acumen, she has become a trusted source for generating income online. 

7. Leighanne Champion

Meet Leighanne Champion, the driving force behind Leighanne Champion Coaching. She’s a transformative life coach who empowers individuals to conquer personal and professional hurdles, drawing from her own inspiring journey of self-discovery.

Leighanne excels at helping clients navigate their thoughts, set clear objectives, establish healthy boundaries, and master time management to turn dreams into reality. As the charismatic host of “Champion Your Life with Leighanne Champion,” her relatable style motivates listeners to take control of their lives through personal development.

Leighanne is dedicated to supporting those on the path to self-improvement and positive transformation. With unwavering commitment, she champions individuals to live life to the fullest, showing there are no limits to what one can achieve with the right guidance and mindset. Embrace life’s full potential with Leighanne as your mentor and champion.

8. Camilla Gray-Nelson

Camilla Gray-Nelson has established herself as an innovator in the field of dog training and entrepreneurship, gaining recognition for her successful company, Dairydell Canine and her focus on dog training for women. With extensive knowledge of animal behavior and innovative Nature-based methods, she has gained acclaim as one of the leading women-owned businesses in Northern California. Camilla is the mastermind behind “Dream Dogs by Dairydell: Dog Training a Woman’s Way,” a ground-breaking program based on Nature’s model of female leadership, designed to tackle the unique obstacles women encounter when it comes to managing their beloved family dogs. With clients nationwide, Gray-Nelson’s innovative approach and business success has earned her numerous prestigious awards.

9. Alison Reeves

Alison Reeves, an experienced blogger and business coach, has been passionately assisting entrepreneurs in increasing their income for several years. Having a solid background in managing marketing teams for large companies, she made the switch to full-time business coaching and has helped numerous entrepreneurs around the world improve their visibility and increase their earnings. Alison’s approach integrates business coaching, aligned marketing, and mindset restoration. Her primary focus is on assisting individuals in attaining financial success, but her ultimate aim is to cultivate a genuine appreciation for life among her clients. She has achieved remarkable success, with a consistent track record of multiple 6-figure years and even a month with $60k in sales.  

Alison has acquired multiple marketing certifications and possesses extensive knowledge of a range of healing and mindset practices. She possesses a wide range of skills and expertise, including marketing, mindset, website development, sales, trauma-informed manifesting, the law of attraction, and more. Her ultimate goal is to help individuals take action that aligns with their goals. 

10. Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a highly respected business coach, speaker, and LinkedIn marketing specialist with an exceptional track record. She has worked with well-known brands such as The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Big Red Group, The CEO Institute, Hydro Tasmania, General Assembly, and The Entourage. Amy’s impressive accomplishments have garnered her recognition in CEO Global Magazine and she has been acknowledged as one of the top 5 business experts to learn from in 2023 by The Australian Business Journal. 

Amy’s personal LinkedIn profile showcases an impressive network of over 29,900 connections. She has also helped over 1,500 business owners and executives maximize the potential of LinkedIn. She is the driving force behind the ‘In Demand’ program, sharing her practical business and LinkedIn strategies with coaches, consultants, and professional service providers across the globe. Her program supports them to grow their businesses and brand by attracting premium clients consistently using her ‘no fluff’ LinkedIn system, even if they are starting with a small network or are new to using LinkedIn for business.

11. Carlos Alvarado 

Carlos Alvarado has an impressive track record, boasting more than three decades of experience in management and development. He has worked for renowned multinational companies like IBM, Xerox, INCAE, and New Horizons. He has an MBA from INCAE and has earned various certifications, such as Business and Executive Coach from ICC and Professional Project Management from PMI. In 2017, he founded “Coach Para Negocios” with the goal of helping business owners streamline and grow their companies to boost Central America’s competitiveness. Carlos utilizes a wide range of methods, such as coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training, to accomplish this objective. 

Carlos has gained recognition for his outstanding leadership and magnetic personality, establishing himself as one of the most esteemed business coaches in Latin America.  

12. Denise Meyer

Denise Meyer, an esteemed coach from Paradise Valley, AZ, is making a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial world with her groundbreaking methodologies. Her extensive knowledge of sales and real estate coaching extends far beyond mere business improvement; it also transforms perspectives. Students praise her for revolutionizing their approach to business and personal development. Denise’s teachings focus on the art of negotiation, robust lead generation models, and personal development, pushing the boundaries of the entrepreneurial world in an effective way.  

Her clients appreciate her dedication to accountability and leadership, which has a profound impact. Denise’s interactive sessions create a perfect blend of challenge and encouragement, cultivating a one-of-a-kind learning atmosphere. A delighted student praised her as captivating and motivating. Denise’s courses are in high demand due to their ability to create powerful change and inspire action. She is widely recognized as a leading figure in the coaching industry. 

13. Jenny Reilly

Jenny Reilly is an incredibly talented executive leadership coach, experienced business Consultant and professional speaker based in Vancouver, BC. She is the visionary behind a highly respected consultancy that has gained international acclaim for its expertise in helping professionals achieve long-term growth and transformation. Jenny’s extensive experience in human resources, business consulting and executive coaching across different industries have made her highly influential. She has built relationships with people from over 130 countries and successfully facilitated the hiring of 26,000+ technical professionals worldwide. 

Jenny is highly in demand as a strategic consultant for senior professionals, corporations, and individuals worldwide. Her experience in Canada’s higher education sector has brought a distinct element to her professional path. She has also established herself as a successful author, with her valuable leadership insights showcased in a publication by Oxford Press.

14. Vanessa Cabrera

Vanessa Cabrera is a Master Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Business Coach, an Award Winning Social Media Marketing Strategist, Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Her impressive track record and tireless commitment in helping her clients experience explosive business results, has firmly established her as a world-renowned expert in her field.

Not only does Vanessa possess an intuitive knowledge of how social media really works, but she also specializes in helping entrepreneurs demolish their fears, self-doubts and self-sabotaging habits and rewires their minds for absolute success. She is acclaimed for her extraordinary business coaching experience known as, “The Implementer,” a coaching program that has a 100% success rate. 

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, Constant Contact’s Day of Digital Summit, and American Express are just a few of the notable events where Vanessa has delivered palpable keynotes. With her boundless enthusiasm, direct coaching style, and niche for developing successful social media marketing strategies, she has established herself as a digital marketing guru.

15. Dr. Angela L. Swain

Angela L. Swain is a seasoned motivating leader who advocates for a collaborative culture by putting a premium on values like responsibility, transparency, and cross-functional creativity, as well as leadership development. Angela’s creative thinking is on display in her ability to deliver interactive training sessions, thorough performance evaluations, and strategic planning procedures that boost team productivity and morale.

She has led a team of 200 people, including full-timers, contractors, and interns, and she has handled large budgets with ease. Angela has written two novels that have become Amazon bestsellers across several genres, and she also helped establish a strategy plan for Chicago’s largest prison ministry, Kolbe House.



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