Elena Kaminskiy hopes to inspire fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and build their brands

Elena Kaminskiy came to the US as An immigrant from Ukraine in 1989. 

Elena was just three years old when her parents, along with her five-year-old sister, fled the former USSR. Her father started working multiple jobs as they settled into the country. He worked tirelessly for his family and did any job he could find – from delivering pizzas to working in a factory. Yet, he was always hopeful about the coming future. Soon all his hard work paid off, and he was able to open his own janitorial company and, later, a coffee shop. 

There is no denying that Elena got her work ethic at a young age. She started working with her father at the tender age of 12. Under his guidance, she understood all the tricks and trades of business. Every great achiever is supported by a great mentor, and for Elena, it was her father. At 17, Elena became the manager of her father’s coffee shop.  

She married as soon as she finished high school, and the couple opened their first company together. 

Interestingly, she also got her realtor’s license at 19, which opened other avenues for Elena. 

It was back in 2005 that Elena and her husband started a handyman company; since then, they have never looked back. The best part is that what began as a small venture has now grown into a full-fledged design and remodeling firm based in San Diego. According to Elena, business exposure and experience is the best degree for any child. “It teaches you about the value of money, and you really experience business first hand, instead of simply studying it,” she shares.

Elena Kaminskiy believes in setting high goals and having an optimistic mindset. She understands how important it is to have a positive and motivated attitude towards anything you do and life in general. 

Elena states, “Mindset is so important in determining your success. If you think that you can’t accomplish anything, then you are a victim of your own thoughts, and you will never take any action towards your dreams. 

Stressing further on the importance of a positive mindset, she says, “Being optimistic about life and always being hopeful for the future is a key element to becoming successful. You will never be able to take proactive action toward your goals and dreams until you start believing in yourself. If you have a mindset that pushes you to your limits and allows you to do what it takes to make your dreams a reality, you are so much closer to making that happen.”

Your attitude and mindset are everything in the world of business. Elena likes setting her own goals and dreams while working towards building her own future. She has first-hand experience of how it feels to work for someone else and have your own business – thanks to her dad, who started off as an employee in a factory and later on established his firm. Working for your own dreams is what Elena Kaminskiy believes in and thrives for. Being free from contracts and company bounds allows this dynamic entrepreneur to fully explore her potential. Moreover, she invests in real estate and has launched a remarkable product called the Flawless Face Pillow, which is loved by celebs, dermatologists and women from around the world. 

Elena Kaminskiy’s approach towards business is unique and exceptional. She invented and designed her product herself and monitors everything throughout the manufacturing process. She values quality above everything as the first rule in creating any product. 

Elena says, “Inventing a product and bringing it to market is definitely something I take pride in.” She adds, “I get asked often how I did it and if I can help others in launching their products or invention ideas.” 

Elena realized she could help others who are aspiring to bring their product to life. “She will be teaching others how they can do the same with their ideas!” Elena firmly believes in giving back to the community and uplifting those who need the support.

Elena desires to see others succeed and be ready for their goals and potential. She is very active on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok. She shares tips on entrepreneurship, e-commerce, building a brand and overall business strategy.  

You can get in touch with Elena by visiting her website www.ElenaKaminskiy.com for more information. 


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