Eddie Tancredi’s ETalian Pizzeria Revolutionizing the Pizza-serving and Delivery Process

Food service businesses are changing how things work, with entrepreneurs creating new methods and processes to serve their customers better. World-renowned Chef Eddie Tancredi is introducing something new to the pizza world through his new Naples-style pizzeria, ETalian. ETalian Pizzeria adopts a fast-casual serving concept that focuses more on the guest’s needs and delivers the perfect pizza by simplifying the ordering process. 

ETalian Pizzeria is Eddie Tancredi’s way of representing his native Cleveland roots home and instilling his “less is more” philosophy in the establishment’s service delivery. The concept was inspired by the dire change that Chef Tancredi felt the industry needed. Thus, by tending more to guests’ needs and ensuring functionality and sustainability in the long run, ETalian has hacked the simplifying of dining from online orders, in-store kiosk ordering and ordering at the register. At ETalian, no server staff is needed as the focus is on delivering the perfect pizza to the guest. All the guest has to do is place their order, sit where they want, and they will receive their pizza within a short period.

Chef Eddie Tancredi puts his best foot forward in the pizza that ETalian creates from the technique of the dough to the fresh ingredients and custom-built Acunto oven made in Naples, Italy. ETalian Pizzeria also sells salads, gelato and an impeccable cheesy bread that customers have described as “out-of-this-world.” Located in Chagrin Falls, OH, on top of a waterfall in a historical building, ETalian serves pizza that comes in 10 inches because Chef Eddie wanted to make the sizes more personal. He also finishes each crust with his signature herb oil and sea salt.

With nearly a year since its operations began, ETalian Pizza has won people’s hearts with numerous return customers and guests inviting Eddie to open a spot in their cities. Chef Eddie is currently nursing the idea of opening up more shops in the near future to spread his new fast-casual concept to other parts of the United States.

Eddie Tancredi’s journey in the culinary world has seen him participate in over 30 international and domestic culinary competitions. He was also a member of the 2012 Culinary Olympic team and represented North and South America in the Global Chef that was held in Greece in 2016. He trained at the prestigious Greenbrier in West Virginia and has acquired experience working in different places such as resorts, country clubs and independent restaurants, preparing him for a moment like now when he would own his own establishment and give customers the best of his skills.

Over the next few years, Eddie Tancredi sees ETalian Pizza growing and expanding its services to other parts of the United States. “ETalian Pizza has changed how pizza is delivered, and it’s something everyone should experience. I want to make the brand get a presence across the United States and show people that they can have great pizza if only they go to the right place to get it,” Chef Eddie said.

Located at

13 Bell Street 

Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

1 440 600 2001


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