EagleONE and Frintz: Pioneers in Customer Retention and Advertising

EagleONE and Frintz
Photo Courtesy: Aaron Bakken

In a consumer-based economy, the competition for businesses to acquire and retain customers is high. According to whitehouse.gov, consumption spending makes up two-thirds of the American economy, stating that the U.S. economy follows U.S. consumers. So, for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, customer retention is critical for maintaining and growing financial success, and tools to engage existing and new customers are crucial. EagleOne and Frintz are the partners B2C companies need to help improve their customers’ experience.

Growing up fighting and recovering from a bone disease for nearly five years, established entrepreneur Aaron Bakken initially found himself on stage, performing and singing for almost two decades. Coupled with the challenges he faced as an exchange student in Germany during the 1980s, Bakken’s life experiences have helped him realize the value of courage and confidence, driving his career through many successful roles in the high-tech and dot-com markets. 

Like many employees, there were obstacles in Bakken’s way toward success. When troublesome economic realities consumed his first two companies, and their failure caused Bakken to have a stress-induced heart attack, this EagleONE shareholder took these challenges and learned from them – realizing that entrepreneurs are not invincible. After 24 years of creating 13 companies, Bakken now endeavors to take his life lessons to help companies find better ways to engage with their customers and employees while finding work-life balance. 

EagleONE aims to improve the customer experience to boost customer engagement for various B2C companies. This technology-enabled group of subject matter experts specializes in 4 different service lines: Customer Experience, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, and Direct Mail. Offering solutions surrounding customer experiences with chat or email, LinkedIn Marketing, Social Media, SEO, and more, EagleONE partners with companies to help them exceed their customer’s expectations, expand market share, and enhance their digital reach. 

Now, as they join with Frintz and their revolutionary ad platform, EagleONE can provide a way for retail, non-profit, and B2C companies to retain customers without spending a penny for EagleONE to leverage it.

Frintz helps deliver free prints from customers’ phones directly to their mailboxes, a service customers pay for roughly 8-10 times a year while offering a distinctive blend of photography and innovative advertising. Offering a free service to customers who already pay for it can significantly increase customer engagement and retention.

Frintz is a direct mail solution that delivers customers’ photos in one large packet with your company’s branding and offer; each image is targeted, and paid advertisements from other national brands are placed along the finely perforated seam. You or Frintz can select the attached advertisements to drive sales to your business, improve the customer experience, and generate new customers organically. 

The Frintz Free Photo Packet Sponsor Program offers a unique and innovative marketing solution that connects consumers with businesses more effectively. This platform assists with the generation of new revenue for companies, and there is no cost for their sponsor companies to use Frintz. 

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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