Dylan Taylor on Finding Your Passion in Business

Dylan Taylor on Finding Your Passion in Business
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By: Claire Kuhn

The saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is a quote many of us strive to follow. However, it’s easier said than done, as many professionals are still trying to figure out their passion and how to implement it in their careers practically and meaningfully.

Dylan Taylor is one entrepreneur and leader who has harnessed his passion for space exploration and scaled it into a reality. After watching Star Trek as a child, he developed a deep curiosity, thinking of space as another frontier to explore. 

“My passion is this notion of space as a blank canvas that we can ultimately reimagine ourselves on,” Taylor said.

Today, he is the CEO and founder of Voyager Space and Space for Humanity, two innovative enterprises that help expand humanity’s reach in space with innovative operations and principles.

Taylor shares insights on how other leaders can follow in his footsteps and materialize their career goals.

Identifying your Passion

One of the roadblocks to finding our passions in business is the lack of understanding of what those passions may be and not having the opportunities to explore them. Many people have natural talents that lead to developing passions in their younger years. However, it’s critical to grow these skills, even if not yet developed, and find a route to utilize them in business. 

Dylan Taylor mentions how the first step is to focus on your desires, principles and goals; “Identifying your passion is to consider what makes you happy despite going through hardships and what you’d like to see improved upon in the world”. 

Next, Taylor advises finding a market or niche where that passion can help innovate or bridge a gap in progress. He says it can be an idea that already exists but can be expanded upon or it may compliment another market or product. With due diligence, learning along the way can make the adventure exciting, and passion can propel a leader’s vision forward.

Finance the Vision

Taylor says establishing funding can be one of the most challenging aspects when following your passion for business. The popular solution is to borrow money, but it’s not always an easy task. Setting aside one’s finances can be difficult, too. After all, if you want others to invest their money in your idea, shouldn’t you be willing to go all in yourself? However, many people don’t have expendable money or resources to do so. Searching for funding through angel investors, VC firms, and crowdfunding is a great opportunity to further research and present that passion for your idea with conviction. Taylor says, 

“Demonstrating why you’re passionate about your idea and why others should be as well can help extend the reach of the investment you receive.” 

When you are personally invested in your business, you’re driven to help it succeed and never give up. It’s important to consider all your costs and determine how much money you can save for your goals. Dylan Taylor also offers a helpful tip: “It’s good to sacrifice some time as you learn and grow momentum to achieve these funds, even if it’s by supporting yourself in a job that doesn’t yet perfectly fit your ideal goals.”

Put your Own Unique Spin on Your Goals

The most crucial step to creating your passion for a career is to differentiate yourself and your passion for the idea or business. If your market is already saturated with competitors, it’s vital to highlight your unique value proposition. What makes you unique will help your idea stand out from the other businesses and ensure you find a better way to operate than the rest of the industry. 

Taylor advises that it’s essential to consider if your industry has a bad downtown or negative reputation, turn it around and improve it. Remember to always communicate with your employees and customers in a way that builds trust. “Staying true to your word and finding the value in the people who make your passion a reality is key to fostering those relationships and being a great leader,” Taylor says. He believes that staying grateful and transparent with your goals for the company can help build a network of people who genuinely believe in you and your passion. 

It’s never impossible or too late to turn your passions into a successful career path. Turning dreams into reality takes time, so stay dedicated by putting time aside each day to reach your goals.

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