Dylan Maxwell Blau, One Of The Most Influential Voices Of Our Generation Continues To Shape The Future Of Social Media

Dylan Maxwell Blau, One Of The Most Influential Voices Of Our Generation Continues To Shape The Future Of Social Media
Photo Courtesy: Dylan Blau

Dylan Blau, an internationally acclaimed dog trainer and social media maven, has not only transformed the lives of countless dogs but has also revolutionized and pioneered the way dog trainers create content. Through a unique blend of transparency, vulnerability, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of social media, Blau has emerged as a thought leader, empowering fellow trainers and entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential.

In the midst of the pandemic, when many dog trainers and service-based industries faced unprecedented challenges, Dylan Blau took a bold step by offering free social media strategy calls to teach others how to leverage the power of social media. Recognizing that the pandemic offered an opportunity for leaders to step up and help those who needed it, Dylan Blau guided hundreds of dog trainers, restaurants, wineries and other businesses in pivoting to use social media, enabling them not only to survive but thrive in uncertain times.

As one of the original pioneers of dog training on social media, Dylan Blau has achieved remarkable milestones. He was the first to go live on Facebook, showcasing full one-hour training sessions, raw and uncut. Over the last decade Dylan has taught hundreds of dog trainers how to use his strategies, ultimately influencing the way content is created for an entire industry. This commitment to transparency has earned him the respect of dog lovers and trainers worldwide, accumulating over 500 million views and half a million followers on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok(@WeAreDogTraining).

Dylan’s influence extends beyond the dog training community. He has been a trailblazer in the world of social audio, being one of the original beta testers for Clubhouse. Recognized as one of the Top 100 creators on the platform, Dylan Blau has become one of the most influential voices of our generation and continues to shape the future of social media platforms. In recent days, Dylan has been most excited about the potential of Chatter Social, a new audio and video platform. As one of the early pioneers of social audio, Dylan Blau is giving his full endorsement, suggesting Chatter users will adapt quicker to this version of the Metaverse. Dylan believes that Chatter Social will be the next big app with its unique way of connecting people, building community and allowing everyone to find their voice.

One of the key messages Dylan emphasizes is the need to go beyond the minimum effort, instead, individuals should ask themselves, “What is the maximum amount that I can do?” and consider the potential income or opportunities missed each year for not doing more. Currently, for 2024, Dylan has a dog training tour scheduled on the West Coast and his 12-month challenge for business owners in 2024 has clients making an extra $100k or more in yearly profits already. On top of that, Dylan will also train hundreds of dogs this year with aggression or reactive behaviors. If that wasn’t enough, he is also giving speeches at events and being featured as a guest on podcasts, always finding a way to educate and entertain with his unique style of communication and his fearlessness to be outspoken.

Dylan has also expressed he doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon, making a name for himself in the California Wine Industry by helping so many of the unknown wineries get on social media and start to sell more wine. He is already a disruptive force with his update on the California Wine List showcasing some of the best wines you have never heard of, because most restaurants all use the same list for wines.

As an internet personality, Dylan Blau is no stranger to the challenges of online culture, having faced cancel culture and a wide variety of haters in today’s digital world. However, he encourages individuals not to play it safe and to stand up for what they believe in. According to Blau, “Haters are part of the process, and if you are not triggering someone, your opinion isn’t strong enough.”

In a world dominated by echo chambers, Dylan advocates for open discussions where differing opinions can coexist. He believes that creating content that triggers people to find their voice and express their beliefs is key to going viral in the current online landscape. As we near the end of copycat clout chasing, originality will soon rise to the top as we see cultural shifts being made in the online world. Dylan believes we will see a reset for apps like TikTok and other content creation platforms while a large majority of online users will gravitate to apps like Chatter, focusing more on social networking, authentic personalities and relationship building; rather than the clickbait competition to stay relevant.

To learn more about Dylan Blau, follow him on Instagram. If you are looking to see why he is one of the most entertaining and influential personalities on the internet, download Chatter  today to join the conversation.

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