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The era of digital transformation has been marked by notable shifts as CEOs and business owners continue to go the extra mile to keep up with trends and innovations. While the guaranteed benefits of embracing digital technologies are undeniable, the risks that come along with it can’t be understated. As a result, cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most critical pillars of a successful shift from traditional processes to digital enhancements. 

Risks to watch out for

The cybersecurity market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11-13% over the next few years. This growth is driven by rapid digitalization, which has increased the number of connected devices and opened new gateways for cyberattacks. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitization and, consequently, digital criminal activity, with the more common ones being ransomware and phishing.

The risks related to digital transformation vary and each one can have far-reaching consequences for organizations. Some of the most rampant and pressing concerns include data breaches, unauthorized access, and various system vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is crucial in protecting information’s integrity, confidentiality, and availability in the digital age. Organizations must prioritize enhancing their cybersecurity measures to safeguard their operations, assets, and stakeholders from the risks often associated with digital innovations. 

The solution

At the forefront of addressing these challenges is OryxLabs, offering a suite of innovative solutions designed to help companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation while safeguarding their critical assets. 

OryxLabs offers two main products developed specifically for targeting these modern risks associated with digital transformations to help CEOs focus more on scalable actions necessary for their business growth.

The company’s Discovery product serves as a vital instrument in enhancing the safety of an organization’s digital activities. It delivers extensive insights into diverse vulnerabilities, data breaches, and misconfigured security settings to help businesses proactively safeguard their online digital assets. It is highly regarded for its ability to identify these threats in nearly real-time, which is a far cry from the usual turnaround times of other firms in the industry. It also has the capability to examine security issues from an attacker’s perspective, which can help companies identify and address their digital systems’ weaknesses before they can be exploited. 

On the other hand, OryxLabs’ DNS Firewall is a cybersecurity solution that protects organizations from cyber threats by leveraging DNS filtering technology. It offers threat intelligence, customizable policies, real-time visibility and reporting, seamless integration, and scalability and performance, ensuring a secure and efficient network environment. Complementing Discovery, the DNS Firewall blocks an organization’s endpoints from connecting to malicious domains. This can protect companies from phishing attacks, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats that may or may not be typical.

With OryxLabs, organizations can prioritize revenue-generating tasks without having to worry about what’s happening on the back end. 

Who is OryxLabs?

OryxLabs comprises a team of seasoned professionals from over 22 countries with a deep understanding of cybersecurity, product development, and the right way to use it to keep its clients protected as they navigate the digital landscape. This expertise has enabled the company to develop tailored solutions that help organizations mitigate risk and foster the growth and innovation necessary to make businesses more digital-first and digital-ready. 

OryxLabs’ services have not gone unnoticed, with the company garnering recognition for their excellence. In December, 2022 they were recognized as Top Cybersecurity Solutions Provider in the Middle East by Enterprise Security and, more recently, as 2023’s Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company by the prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. In addition, both their products, Discovery and DNS Firewall, were adjudged the Gold Winners in their respective categories. Their clients have repeatedly highlighted how these solutions helped mitigate risks and enhance the security of their digitial activities during large scale digital transformation initiatives. Their commitment to delighting clients reflects in their near perfect customer satisfaction and net promoter scores with senior customer stakeholders often highlighting the significant value delivered via their products and the Oryx services.

OryxLabs expands globally

As a cybersecurity firm that monitors over 400 critical entities, OryxLabs offers enhanced visibility and assistance in addressing complex technical challenges. This growth is driven by its product-first vision, deep domain expertise, and strong customer focus. OryxLabs’ solutions help businesses reduce their risk of cyberattacks, improve visibility, and strengthen their security posture, all while delivering significant business value.

From the United Arab Emirates to the rest of the world, OryxLabs has proven to be an invaluable partner of CEOs and business leaders wanting to safeguard their digital assets while pivoting towards a more innovative and digital-centric organization. 



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