Dr. Velma Trayham Is Pioneering a More Inclusive World Through Public and Private Partnerships

There has never been a better time to empower the next generation of leaders in an outdated landscape. More minority women are joining the entrepreneurial world in fast-growing industries like never before. As a result, the horizons are beginning to look brighter for future generations. But, of course, progress is made with mentorship and access to opportunities for growth. This is where Dr. Velma Trayham and the Millionaire Mastermind Academy play a significant role. 

Dr. Trayham is the founder of Millionaire Mastermind Academy, a leading empowerment nonprofit organization that addresses the barriers to economic mobility for women who have been systemically and historically underserved and excluded—partnering with corporations to remove systemic barriers. So far, Dr. Trayham’s nonprofit has helped more than 8,000 women across the country and serves thousands of women annually with resources, tools, and access to move forward in life. In addition, Millionaire Mastermind Academy is a rare organization that connects with corporations dedicated to social responsibility by fostering opportunities for minority women to become business owners. 

Women’s empowerment is not only equal consideration; it is necessary for sustainable economic and social development. Millionaire Mastermind Academy was created to be a powerful tool against poverty formed through empowered entrepreneurship with a focus on mindset development. 

Dr. Trayham is known for her practical approach to helping bridge the gap between corporations and minority business communities. She has built an impressive company that goes above and beyond to represent and highlight marginalized sectors. As a result of her stellar work, she has been recognized by President Joe Biden. 

As one born into extreme poverty, Dr. Velma Trayham’s eyes were opened to the problems other black business owners faced, such as racism, systemic barriers, limiting beliefs, lack of support, and limited access to resources and capital. “The color of my skin and being a woman have profoundly affected me. Yet, I grew up knowing I had to triumph over my adversities to become an agent of change and a beacon of light for the next generation of leaders,” Dr. Trayham shared.

Championing inclusion and diversity is no easy task, but Dr. Velma Trayham is committed to making her mark on this path. Through her for-profit company, Thinkzilla Consulting Group, she has helped change the face of business. She and her team have helped companies become more diverse by building and managing supplier diversity programs, DEI Training, and branding and marketing programs that embrace diversity, resulting in undeniable economic growth and impact. 

Dr. Trayham is a top motivational keynote speaker and business influencer to some of the world’s top brands and shares inspirational and leadership posts on Instagram and Linkedin, where she has a combined following of over 100,000, thousands of whom are women and minority business owners across the country and C-Suite leaders. Her keynote speeches are powerful, and the way she breaks down moving from poverty to prosperity and living a life of purpose. She fuels her audience to go above and beyond, from hopelessness to triumph. Dr. Velma Trayham empowers corporate executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, students and youth groups to grow personally and conquer professionally.

Learn more about Dr. Trayham through her website or support her nonprofit work.


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