Dr. Shirley Luu: Fox5 Plus Newest Financial Anchor Bringing Wealth of Expertise

Dr. Shirley Luu: Fox5 Plus Newest Financial Anchor Bringing Wealth of Expertise
Photo Courtesy: Shirely Luu

By Lennard James

In a groundbreaking move, Fox5 TV has announced that Shirley Luu, a distinguished financial advisor, leader, and wealth guru, will be joining their team as an anchor for a weekly financial show in 2024. Luu’s experience and commitment to financial literacy make her a natural fit for this role.

With over two decades in the financial services field, Shirley Luu has earned a reputation as a phenomenally successful executive. Currently serving as the Executive Field Chairperson for First Financial Security, she has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and business owners in effective ways to prepare and save for retirement.  

As a dynamic speaker, author, and trainer on financial literacy and education, Luu’s expertise extends beyond the boardroom. Her commitment to informing, educating, and empowering extends to various programs, including focusing on empowering women to take control of their financial futures.  

As a widowed mother of three, Luu intimately understands the unique challenges that women face in managing their finances. Her advocacy for financial empowerment has made a significant impact, and she continues to champion initiatives that encourage women to “know their money.”  

Luu’s involvement in various organizations, such as the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce and the George Mason University Entrepreneurs, LiSA Initiative, and Finance Club, reflects her commitment to fostering financial education and entrepreneurship in the community. Additionally, her collaboration with Microsoft to integrate technology and finance highlights her forward-thinking approach to the evolving landscape of financial services.  

Beyond her upcoming role at Fox5 Plus, Shirley Luu has been a prominent figure in the media. Her cable television series, “The Real Secrets of Money,” highlights her as the host and co-producer, providing valuable insights into the world of finance. She has also been featured on Sirius XM Radio, reaching audiences across the United States and Canada, discussing financial literacy.  

Luu’s accolades and achievements are a testament to her exceptional contributions to the financial industry and philanthropy. Selected by Forbes 50 Over 50 as one of the influential women in finance and 3-time winner of Washington Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies, honored with the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award, and recipient of multiple Gold Achievers Awards, she stands among the financial leaders in the country.  

Her commitment to philanthropy is equally impressive, with awards such as the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Philanthropist of the Year and recognition from the Attorney General of Anne Arundel County. Luu’s involvement in community outreach programs further underscores her dedication to making a positive impact.  

Having been invited to The White House for her role in the Champions of Change for ACA/Obamacare and awarded by the Asian American Round Table for Mortgage and Financial Services of the Year, Shirley Luu continues to be a trailblazer in the financial industry.  

As Fox5 Plus prepares to welcome Shirley Luu as the anchor for their weekly financial show in 2024, viewers can anticipate a wealth of knowledge, insightful commentary, and a unique perspective that only someone of Luu’s caliber can provide. Her role on Fox5 Plus is not just a career milestone; it is an opportunity for viewers to gain valuable financial insights from a true expert in the field.  

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