Motivational Speaker Dr. John “Push” Gaines Helps Young Adults Implement Life-Changing Habits With His Latest Book, “30 Days on Purpose”

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There is a saying that goes, “don’t go through life; grow through life.” In today’s world, the fastest way to grow and triple your success is to invest heavily in personal development. And while it may sound like a piece of cake on paper, developing success and a growth-oriented mindset is no easy task. In fact, it has always remained a challenging feat for most people. So to help these individuals reach the pinnacle of their personal and professional lives and experience fulfillment, certified leadership consultant, mentorship expert and motivational speaker Dr. John “Push” Gaines authored the book 30 Days on Purpose. This inspiring journal will help readers gain clarity, direction, and positive support as they mark their next milestone. 

30 Days on Purpose is a power-packed journal beautifully designed with 30 days of practical exercises to empower and educate millennials and Generation Z on their journey through life. Additionally, the journal assists them in embracing their life’s purpose while taking practical steps toward achieving their goals in a radical 30-day journey.

The interactive journal is packed with uplifting quotes and words of wisdom, inspiring readers to “do it afraid,” step beyond their comfort zone, develop positive habits, and strive to achieve their goals. Additionally, the book has plenty of empty pages to help readers practice gratitude, write down their thoughts and dreams and track their progress.

This life-changing book is the brainchild of Dr. John Gaines. Growing up, Dr. Gaines was an at-risk kid involved with drugs and violence, personal struggles, and being bullied, battling with hopelessness. However, his resilience in the face of adversity earned him the moniker “Push.” The inspiring individual believes in the power of perseverance and is emboldened by his purpose-driven vision. He now aims to teach others to “keep pushing” through life’s obstacles, manifest a growth mindset and maximize their potential.

“Every kid is one “I believe in you” away from achieving their dreams,” Dr. John “Push” Gaines insightfully shared.

Through his platform, Dr. Push continues to spread hope and has appeared as a guest speaker at universities, corporations, nonprofit events, NBA skill camps, school assemblies, and youth camps across the country. His messages have resonated deeply with listeners worldwide, and several people have even testified to them. “John shines a light that can inspire any audience—athletes, students, and corporate employees. His message is pure, authentic and relatable. You walk away from listening to John to wanting to find your purpose, pushing to be great, and most importantly, sharing your gifts with the world,” a listener said. 

With 30 Days on Purpose, Dr. John “Push” Gaines is only getting started with his massive impact on personal development. In the coming years, the brilliant visionary aims to continue inspiring every young adult to implement life-changing habits and get started with the rest of their lives. “I want people to understand that you can change your life with the right mentors, the right information, the right heart, and being a good person,” he said. 


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