Dr. Jimmy Sayegh, “The King of Cracks” Takes the Internet and Social Media by Storm

The American dream is defined as the belief that anyone, no matter where they were from or what social status they were born into, can attain an admirable version of success in a society wherein upward mobility is possible for everyone. For many, the American dream is believed to be achievable through hard work, risk-taking, and sacrifice rather than by chance. In pursuit of this much-coveted American dream, Jimmy Sayegh’s parents flew 7,000 miles from the Middle East to the United States to give their children a shot at success.

Jimmy Sayegh, best known as the “King of Cracks”, is a first-generation Arab-American chiropractic physician specializing in acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries and rehabilitation. In 2013, the renowned King of Cracks began his practice with the dream of becoming a sports chiropractor one day. Fast forward to 2022, almost a decade since establishing his practice, the acclaimed physician has catapulted to the top of his industry and built a social media following of almost four million fans worldwide for his educative content on chiropractic as a natural alternative to health care.

As an expert chiropractor, Jimmy began his social media campaign in 2019 under the brand of King of Cracks after being referred to by many as the king of chiropractic. He has since been publicizing the amazing ASMR crack sounds the body can make during chiropractic therapy. He began by recording patients’ treatment to portray the importance of maintaining a healthy body and spine while showcasing his unique treatments and adjustment techniques. His unique adjustment technique and ability to perform non-invasive treatment therapies resulting in instant gratification and relief for patients resonated with social media users, and his content immediately went viral, popularizing the ASMR crack sound and setting many viral trends on Instagram and TikTok. 

Throughout his highly successful career, the King of Cracks has worked with celebrities, actors, directors, and musicians such as Ava Duvernay, Ross Mathews, and Larry Hernandez. He has also worked with professional athletes, including DK Metcalf and Karim Benzema, to name a few. He now aims to inspire future chiropractors to break through the “chiropractic mold” and begin showing the world the amazing field and how many lives they are changing daily. 

“The field of chiropractic is such a diverse one that gives us as licensed professionals the ability to make changes in the lives of many through non-invasive treatment therapies. The instant gratification of relief a patient experiences when they hear that crack sound is one no one else can describe, and being able to see so many reactions is priceless,” he shared.

In the coming years, Jimmy “King of Cracks” Sayegh has grand plans for his brand. “National and worldwide growth are vital to my future vision of the brand. My plan consists of opening multiple office locations across the nation and world. I see myself mentoring future chiropractors, PTs, and massage therapists and helping the field grow as a whole and work side by side with our medical professionals,” he says. 


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