Dr. Gordon Andan Stands Out in the Industry through His Skills and Reputation

Cosmetic surgery has seen significant breakthroughs in the past few years. While technology has immensely contributed to its growth and advancement, the expertise of the practitioners in the field has also elevated the industry to achieving far-reaching feats. Dr. Gordon Andan, MD, is one of those accomplished and most sought-after specialists in cosmetic surgery. 

Enhancing one’s physical beauty can help boost self-esteem. That is why people must carefully look for qualified practitioners they can trust. Dr. Gordon Andan, MD, is never short of qualifications. 

Dr. Andan is fellowship-trained in general cosmetic surgery for face, breast, and body procedures. He is a certified board member of the American Board of Surgery and a diplomate of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Andan is a top surgeon in the field of surgical arts who has garnered fifteen years of experience. 

The cosmetic surgeon is also the founder of New York Surgical Arts, a premier medical practice in New York City. He acquired the most extensive training at some of the best medical institutes in the United States and completed his residency at Columbia University College of Physicians at Harlem Hospital Center and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. After his training, Dr. Andan worked at Lexington Plastic Surgeons and Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, further expanding his expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery techniques. 

Of course, the brilliant cosmetic surgeon did not become a top practitioner overnight and has had his fair share of ups and downs. “I started a cosmetic surgery practice from scratch with no money, bad credit and denied business financing,” the top-tier medical professional shares. However, his challenging experience did not deter him from pursuing his goal of becoming the best cosmetic surgeon. Due to his success in the field, Dr. Andan is also known as a public figure. His accomplishments led to one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgery fellowships in the U.S., where he worked alongside renowned industry leaders. 

“Dr. Andan and his team are amazing and professional. He makes you feel comfortable at all times,” shares one patient Rissy B. “So far, I am very pleased with his work. You can trust his suggestions to achieve an optimal result. He will always put your safety first above everything.” 

Dr. Andan’s mission is fueled by the desire to help people boost their confidence by enhancing their most beautiful selves. “I want to give many women their confidence, especially after childbirth. I am a very passionate surgeon with an artistic eye, which makes for exceptional results,” says the expert doctor. He perfected his skills and has performed over 750 significant body and facial cosmetic surgery procedures under their mentorship. The goal is always natural results for clients. 

Every day in the operating room is an art and science for Dr. Andan. He has a deep passion for his patients and works to give them the best care possible. A few years from now, Dr. Ardan envisions growing his brand and company to a national and global brand of excellence in cosmetic surgery. Visit this website or Instagram to know more about Dr. Andan and his excellent work. 


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