Dr. George Fraser’s PowerNetworking Experience and Expo Empowers

Dr. George Fraser's PowerNetworking and Expo Empowers
Photo Courtesy: Dr. George C. Fraser, Founder and CEO, FraserNet, Inc.

Few events capture the essence of cultural empowerment and professional growth quite like the PowerNetworking Experience & Expo. This year, the spotlight shines brightly on its founder, Dr. George C. Fraser, a visionary whose narrative weaves through the fabric of ambition, adversity, and unyielding success. Fraser’s journey from mopping floors at LaGuardia Airport to becoming a revered figure in the Black business community is not just inspiring—it’s a testament to the power of resilience and connection.

A Visionary’s Path: Dr. George C. Fraser

Dr. Fraser’s remarkable career spans over four decades, marked by his role as an executive in corporate America and a profound stint in entrepreneurship. His accolades include six bestselling books, over 3500 speeches, and recognition from the highest levels, including two Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards. But perhaps his groundbreaking work is the establishment of FraserNet, Inc., a company that sprang from his desire to see the Black community not just participate in networking but excel at it.

The PowerNetworking Experience & Expo, hosted in Charlotte, NC, from July 10-13, is the brainchild of Dr. Fraser and represents the new brand of his enduring vision. Here, attendees are not merely participants but active contributors to a larger dialogue about economic and  professional empowerment. Dr. Fraser’s philosophy—Connect, Grow, and Prosper—echoes through the event, urging a culture of learning and earning.

The PowerNetworking Experience & Expo

This expo is more than an event; it’s a movement. Tailored specifically towards Black women, Gen X, and Millennials, it provides a platform to bridge generational knowledge and foster collaboration. Dr. Fraser emphasizes, “When we have global unity and collaboration: Game Over.” The event aims to be a dynamic blend of insightful workshops, inspiring talks, and unparalleled networking opportunities, designed to catalyze personal and professional growth.

Attendees can expect to delve into a variety of transformative experiences. 

From mastering the art of networking to understanding the intricacies of wealth building, the expo aims to equip its audience with the tools necessary for substantial economic progress. Dr. Fraser’s personal story, marked by overcoming substantial obstacles including personal and business bankruptcy, serves as a powerful narrative that resilience paired with a strong network can lead to monumental achievements.

Why Attend?

The benefits of attending the PowerNetworking Experience & Expo are multifaceted. It’s an opportunity to learn from some of the influential figures in the Black business community, including Dr. Fraser himself, who has been a pivotal force in redefining networking within the Black diaspora. Participants will leave with not only enhanced skills but also a robust network that supports and uplifts.

Dr. Fraser’s latest projects also resonate with his forward-thinking mindset. The conception of FraserNation, a virtual/metaverse nation, and his forthcoming books, “The New Flex: The Art of Being Unapologetically Black, Unapologetically Creative and Unapologetically You” and an autobiography, reflect his ongoing commitment to innovation and empowerment.

Call to Action

As we look towards the PowerNetworking Experience & Expo, let us remember Dr. Fraser’s rallying cry for unity and progress. The event is not just a conference; it’s a cornerstone for future achievements and a beacon for those aspiring to make a significant impact in their communities and industries.

Consider joining us in Charlotte this July to experience the power of networking redefined by the man who invented it. Be part of a community that’s ready to rise, connect, grow, and prosper. For more information, visit www.powernetworkingex.com and follow Dr. George C. Fraser on his social media platforms to stay updated on this transformative event. Together, let’s make this not just an event, but a turning point for all who attend.

In the words of Dr. Fraser, it’s time to ask ourselves: What’s next, what now? Let the PowerNetworking Experience & Expo be your option.

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