Diva Starr: An Empire Born Out of Sheer Will and Determination

Diva Starr Founder Mellodie Powell had two things in mind when she started her online store—to create a top-level brand women would adore and embrace and to build a career that would allow her to stay home with her daughter. Today, she has achieved both through Diva Starr,  a line of accessories known for its bespoke and timeless designs and apparel that delivers both quality and flair. 

Diva Starr was founded in 2011, before online shopping grew into the ubiquitous service it is in 2021. Since it’s fledgling beginning, Mellodie has grown Diva Starr into a consistent six-figure brand, and she is ready to take her business to the next level.   

“I created Diva Starr out of a passion for owning my own business,” shared the mom and entrepreneur. “Now, that goal has expanded. I want to connect women with beautiful jewelry and accessories at unbelievable prices.” 

Mellodie has also been tapping into an inventive way of creating better experiences for online and in-home parties by creating a package of unique giveaways. One of her most popular packages includes a $15 jewelry credit, a hostess gift, and up to ten percent of party sales converted into free jewelry. This package works best with organizers who are starting to bounce back as we work our way back to in-person events. 

On top of everyday and black tie-ready wearables, Diva Starr also offers accessories that highlight fraternity and sorority designs. There has been a growing tide of these mother entrepreneurs experiencing time and financial freedom by running their own ventures. It seemed that juggling multiple jobs and handling near-impossible schedules was the only way to provide children with a good life for many decades. Now, people realize the power of technology to liberate themselves from overwork and eventual burnout. 

Mellodie hopes her story will inspire and motivate other mothers and women to take control of their future by starting a business. She believes anyone can succeed as long as they have the right mindset and work ethic. In addition, she hopes her story will serve as a template for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur in the digital age.

Five years from now, Mellodie hopes to open Diva Starr Boutique locations in cities and continue moving bespoke fashion forward. Learn more about Diva Starr and Mellodie’s story by visiting their website and Facebook page.


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