Disrupting the Virtual Assistant Industry: How BeeEPiC Outsourcing Helps Entrepreneurs Save Time and Money

Beejel Parmar
Photo Credit: Beejel Parmar

Bees are known for their hard working, industrious natures — not unlike the entrepreneurial spirit. Bees’ remarkable ability to adapt to changing environments and their inherent drive for efficiency strongly resonate with the entrepreneurial journey. However, busy entrepreneurs can sometimes differ from bees in that they often find themselves overwhelmed and alone in busywork. That’s where BeeEPiC Outsourcing, a company that offers a fresh and innovative approach to outsourcing and productivity, comes in. 

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, can save businesses up to 78% in operating costs by eliminating the need for supplying equipment, employee benefits, and paid training. Beejel believes that, in the world of entrepreneurship, success isn’t just about working harder; it’s about working smarter. 

The Power of Productivity 

Like many entrepreneurs, Beejel understood the importance of building a team to achieve his business goals. He began with a team of just three VAs and launched his outsourcing company. 

Beejel’s journey took an unexpected turn when he attended an event and crossed paths with an individual who managed a business with about 100 VAs. Recognizing the potential, the two men joined forces on a commission basis. From 2009 to 2019, they worked tirelessly to grow the company from 100 to an astonishing 500 VAs, implementing a call center model along the way. 

During this time, Beejel came to realize the power of helping entrepreneurs boost their productivity. In a world where success hinges on efficiency and effectiveness, the ability to produce the right results in business became a critical focus for Beejel. This newfound insight propelled him into the world of speaking on productivity and business hacks. 

In 2019, the culmination of years of experience and a commitment to bettering the lives of both entrepreneurs and VAs gave birth to BeeEPiC Outsourcing. This new business venture aimed to revolutionize the outsourcing industry by offering an alternative to traditional models that have left both clients and VAs dissatisfied. 

An Innovative Approach

BeeEPiC Outsourcing sought to answer a fundamental question: How can outsourcing be done better? Their approach was simple yet groundbreaking. They aimed to protect VAs and provide valuable support to entrepreneurs. They introduced a model where clients could pay VAs directly, avoiding any sense of value markup. This model involved no markup fees, no contracts, and a strong focus on building a community and a familial atmosphere among VAs. 

One challenge Beejel faced in building BeeEPiC Outsourcing was setting clear client expectations. Some clients expected VAs to take on strategic roles rather than implementing tasks and many clients found themselves too busy to communicate effectively with their VAs. On the VA side, there were concerns about unethical practices that some had been trained to follow. BeeEPiC Outsourcing placed a strong emphasis on honest and ethical conduct. 

VAs focused on enhancing customer service, streamlining onboarding processes, and improving data management for mature clients. For solo and micro-entrepreneurs, the focus was more on helping them conquer their top three business goals or challenges. This involved identifying tasks that VAs could handle, creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and providing guidance. The goal was to achieve an 80% match between VAs and their responsibilities, leaving only a 20% gap for them to learn and grow.

A cornerstone of BeeEPiC Outsourcing’s success is its unwavering commitment to security. In the ten years of operations, there has not been a single incident of stolen data. This involves meticulous sorting of systems and limiting access to sensitive information to guarantee clients’ peace of mind. 

BeeEPiC Outsourcing stands as a testament to the power of innovation and the value of productivity. Beejel stresses the importance of valuing one’s time and urges entrepreneurs to understand the true worth of their time. Trusting VAs to handle tasks they excel in is essential for entrepreneurial success. 

For those interested in exploring BeeEPiC Outsourcing’s innovative approach to outsourcing, visit their website at BeeEPiCoutsourcing.com or contact them at (760) 704-2414. 


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