Discovering Hidden Gems: Paolo Volpis–Architect Brings Prefabrication to the World of Luxury Construction

Discovering Hidden Gems: Paolo Volpis–Architect Brings Prefabrication to the World of Luxury Construction
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In the vast landscape of architectural firms, it is not always easy to find the perfect match that can bring your dream project to life. Among the sea of big-name companies, there are hidden gems that possess the expertise, passion, and personalized touch to turn your visions into reality. One such treasure is Paolo Volpis Architects. This Italian architect in Beverly Hills is combining innovation, creativity, and a client-centric approach, standing out for all the right reasons.

Paolo Volpis is a remarkable individual whose talents span multiple creative domains, making him a true visionary in the world of design and craftsmanship. Italian born and raised, Volpis is not only a multifaceted architect and luxury watch designer, but his continued artistic prowess knows no bounds, as he effortlessly weaves his passion for aesthetics and precision into each facet of his work. Through his diverse skill set, Paolo has carved a unique niche for himself, leaving an indelible mark in every industry that he works within.

His architectural firm, Paolo Volpis Architects is a multi-disciplinary boutique firm catering in the high-end architectural design and construction services. The architecture studio specializes in the design of contemporary, modern, avant-garde residential buildings to be delivered at any realistic budget. With a diverse portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and public projects, the studio has honed their skills in various domains, each contributing a unique perspective to every project they undertake. What makes this multidisciplinary boutique firm special is the completely different approach that allows them to cater to high end custom designs at any budget or size project. 

We make clever use of hi-tech prefabrication where it matters the most for budget and schedule,” Volpis expresses. “Plus our organizational structure allows us to expand and contract our capacity with specialized project teams that can practically produce 24/7 thanks to our global network and project distribution map for quick turnaround. While our customer is sleeping in California, their work can continue being crafted in Europe.”

This boutique firm also explains that they aren’t cash grabbers as many architecture firms out there are. Those old school firms do not have a specific, focused language of expression. Paolo expresses that “it is kind of like going to a restaurant where you can find both burgers and sushi–neither one is going to be very good”. 

Paolo Volpis Architects also maintain structural practicality in their work, which is why you will never see two projects that are similar in their portfolio. This allows Paolo Volpis Architects to merge their customers’ unique concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring structures leaving a trail of satisfied clients eager to share their positive experiences. 

Paolo recognizes that no two projects are alike. They approach each endeavor with a fresh perspective, meticulously crafting designs that align with the client’ s vision, needs, and budget. Their attention to detail is second to none, ensuring that every aspect of the project, from space planning to material selection, is thoughtfully considered.

Unlike larger firms, where projects may get lost in the bureaucratic shuffle, this boutique firm provides a direct line of communication with the principal and their clients. This means that consumers benefit from a collaborative and personalized design experience, ensuring that their ideas are heard and incorporated seamlessly into the final product.

When you work with Paolo Volpis Architects, you will be given options that range from full custom and hybrid prefabricated luxury to custom modular, the latter being a luring proposition for many; “a 2,500 square feet home coming together in few days out four pieces is a quite luring proposition”, Paolo says.  

Prefabricated 3D printed structural systems play a big part in the speed and intricacy that Paolo Volpis prides themselves on. “The introduction of prefabrication in luxury buildings is something that may generate some push back as many would consider the words prefabrication and luxury to be complete opposites. However, these systems offer a groundbreaking solution to multiple project issues that can revolutionize luxury architecture. By merging cutting-edge technology with the art of design, these systems bring unparalleled advantages to the world of high-end construction.”

The precision and efficiency of 3D printing streamline the building process, ensuring faster completion times without compromising on quality. The flexibility of prefabricated components allows for intricate and unique designs, tailored to the specific desires of discerning clients. Additionally, the use of sustainable materials in 3D printing aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious luxury developments. 

The savings are a combination of construction cost and time, the latter being often a troublesome factor, especially in projects where the carrying costs are exorbitant,” Paolo says. “In some projects, owners pay hundreds of thousands a month during the construction phase in interest and property taxes alone”. This firm is using their formula to truly benefit their clients, thanks to the high accuracy of manufacturing and the ability to overlap trades that in a conventional construction would otherwise need to work in sequence. 

This boutique firm’s sister company, Boltree, focuses exclusively on prefabricated-modular design for single users or large-scale developments. 

In addition to this luxury firm, Paolo Volpis is also a watch fanatic and collector. Over the last three years, the designer and artist has been developing a luxury watch brand that will hopefully launch at the beginning of 2024. “The project is currently in its engineering phase, and I am waking up 2 hours earlier every day to speak to Switzerland which is the best way to start my day”

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