Discover the Booming Texas Real Estate Market with Maryna Bochkarova

Maryna Bochkarova
Photo Courtesy: Maryna Bochkarova

By: Valeriya Nezhina

A person’s home is a reflection of their soul, a place where feelings are born and the most incredible stories unfold. This is why acquiring real estate at any age is always a wise decision. It is even more prudent to consider real estate as an investment when dealing with a promising industry.

Real estate expert and top-rated mortgage broker Maryna Bochkarova asserts that Texas currently demonstrates the most promising direction in the real estate market. Maryna Bochkarova is the owner of the successful MBRate office, holding licenses in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, closing over 10,000 deals annually. We are confident in her expertise, so let’s delve into the details.

Why do you need a home in Texas, specifically?

First and foremost, as stated by Maryna Bochkarova, Texas is the trendiest destination today, as the region is actively developing, and its population is constantly growing. Business life in the state is also on the rise, with numerous IT companies relocating their businesses to Texas, attracting a flow of well-paying professionals.

“This trend has a positive impact on both the job market and the real estate market,” says Maryna Bochkarova.

One of the best places for living and business

For those considering buying a home for future rental purposes, investing in Texas real estate is particularly profitable. As evidence, mortgage broker Maryna Bochkarova provides an example: in other states, you would need to invest over two million dollars initially to generate a stable income of $6,000 per month, while in Texas, $800,000 to $900,000 would suffice.

“The difference in cost is due to the affordable land prices and the benefits of mortgage financing programs,” explains the leader of the MBRate mortgage office.

Those who choose this state for living will discover limitless opportunities for employment, the advantages of developed infrastructure, and a vast selection of land plots to suit various tastes and budgets.

According to the expert, the region attracts both investors seeking high returns and regular buyers looking for space to build their dream homes.

“The growing demand for real estate in Texas will lead to higher property prices in the future, so those who opt for a favorable mortgage today will make deals under more advantageous conditions,” says Maryna Bochkarova, giving an example: “You can buy an affordable house or penthouse today and sell it for 10-30% more in just a few years.”

Various mortgage programs

There is a range of advantageous mortgage programs for different categories of buyers, according to mortgage broker Maryna Bochkarova. Credit is available for first-time buyers or those applying for a mortgage again. There are also privileges for veterans, retirees, and those making their first down payment or seeking 100% financing for their purchase.

There is an alternative for those who cannot participate in traditional financing programs. Self-employed borrowers with a 10% down payment may qualify for a good mortgage with business or personal bank account statements as proof.

“DSCR loans allow property income data to be used as collateral. This form of financing does not require personal income disclosure,” Maryna Bochkarova explains.

She notes that builders can also achieve maximum profitability by choosing advantageous construction loans. With ownership of the land for construction, most banks will finance up to 90% of building costs.

There are also attractive offers for individuals over 62 who decide to invest in real estate and options for foreign investors to obtain simplified E1 or EB5 visas.

Who to turn to when you want to buy a home in Texas

Securing a mortgage is a significant decision that necessitates substantial changes, so turning to a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy broker is essential. According to numerous reviews, mortgage broker Maryna Bochkarova always offers a tailored solution for each client.

She bases her approach on income level and stability, the ability to repay the loan, the client’s previous credit history, and other factors. With her help, tens of thousands of Americans have found the most advantageous and hassle-free terms of cooperation with banks.

The incredible success achieved in Maryna Bochkarova’s professional career is based on her in-depth analysis of several credit products. She selects the one that best aligns with the client’s initial data and subsequently formulates a proposal equally suitable for the client and the financial institution.

With the assistance of Maryna Bochkarova, each day, one or more Americans joyfully open the door to their own homes and create a new, happy life there. Why not become one of those fortunate individuals?



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