Discover Luxury: Elevate Your Dog-Walking Experience with LA’s Shades

Discover Luxury: Elevate Your Dog-Walking Experience with LA’s Shades
Photo Courtesy: Leon "Shades" Ndemo

If you live in a bougie neighborhood like Los Angeles’ Silicone Beach, you expect things to look nice 24/7. But Playa Vista resident Shades kept noticing people letting their dogs go anywhere and everywhere without cleaning it up. Not a good look. One day a dog left a nasty surprise right on his doorstep, and he realized there were no non-ugly pooper scoopers out there for someone with his refined tastes. Thus, an idea was born.

Shades knew his ritzy AF neighbors needed something they could carry while walking their doggos that would also slay aesthetically. So this artist-turned-inventor spent years designing the ultimate pooper scooper using his BFA degree to make it fashionable! Turns out that creating fabulous products to deal with crap takes time and money, honey. But eventually, in 2020 he dropped THE bougie pooper scooper to ever scoop poop.

But let’s rewind a bit to understand how this came to be…

Growing Up An Artist

Shades has been an artist his whole life. And living in trendy Silicon Beach for a while, he was inspired by all the big tech company offices there. He saw firsthand what good design looks like daily. But this hub of innovation still clearly had a dog poop issue that needed some out-of-the-box thinking to resolve.

A Lightbulb Moment

The day Shades found crap on his own pristine doorstep was the last straw. He realized at that moment two things:

His neighborhood needed a dog poop solution yesterday
No chic pooper scoopers seemed to exist on Earth
Le Sigh. It was time for this creative soul to step up.

Making The Magic Happen

Shades first created a basic pooper scooper prototype using a Chlorox bottle. Genius TBH!

It got the job done but clearly still needed that je ne sais quoi factor.

As any artist knows, good design takes time. He spent years turning his initial prototype into a pooper scooper worthy of his bougie neighbors. We’re discussing custom materials, sleek lines, and the whole shebang!

Finally, in 2020 he dropped the final fab version on the world.

Scooping Up Success

Besides designing the most extra AF pooper scooper ever, Shades actually has had a pretty cool creative career! The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office tapped him as their official photographer for seven years. He’s even photographed celeb lawyer Mark Geragos and former NBA star Shaq! NBD!

He also once photographed the interior of an iconic home designed by architect Steve Giannetti. In his early days, he filmed projects for the founder of the Slamdance Film Festival. 

So, between those gigs and getting a BFA degree, Shades knows what good design is. And he was clearly the perfect person to finally create a pooper scooper that doesn’t look like poop! 

The Takeaway

If you’re gonna scoop poop for years, why NOT do it with something super fashionable? It’s about time someone made cleaning up crap a chic experience. And now, thanks to Shades, folks in bougie neighborhoods can have their cake and scoop it, too. 

Want Your Own Fancy Pooper Scooper?

If you want to clean up dog crap in style like the bougie people of LA, check out the Merch For Dog Lovers at to get your own pooper scooper!

Ready to scoop poop with flair?  

The mastermind behind this innovative invention, Shades, now sells the pooper scooper and other fab merchandise for dog lovers.


Published By: Aize Perez

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