Digital Marketing Through Pinterest: How One Business Utilizes It to Create Success

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Eight years ago, Ball started her digital marketing agency, Sozoe Creative, at a time when social media marketing was still in its early stages. The company has since become well-known for its expertise in social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Sozoe Creative’s primary focus falls to website building and branding, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, and traffic to conversion, with Pinterest being one of their highest priorities and best niches. They find themselves averaging about a 600-700% return on ad spending through the platform.

In the beginning, Sozoe Creative struggled when building its portfolio and taking on smaller clients to build this portfolio. It required them to work harder, but through their dedication and hard work, they managed to establish a strong foundation and grow their business. 

Sozoe Creative has since become an expert in utilizing Pinterest’s unique advantages to help their clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

Advantages of Utilizing Pinterest

One advantage of Pinterest is that it allows businesses to utilize both target keyword searches and interests, which is unique to the platform. Additionally, retailers can be helped greatly as there is not much competition for SEO value as there is on Google, which helps clients gain tons of organic traffic. Yet another advantage is that service-based companies can utilize the visual and SEO advantages of Pinterest to showcase their fashion brands, beauty brands, home decor, and travel. The use of Pinterest visuals paired with SEO can leverage unique content creation and blog promotions for brands in ways that other social media platforms cannot.

Prioritizing Three Things to Reach Client’s Digital Marketing Goals

When choosing clients to work with, Sozoe Creative and Jacqueline Ball prioritize three things to help them reach their digital marketing goals. First, they ensure that Sozoe Creative is a good fit for what the client offers. They have turned down clients who would not be able to gain a profit from utilizing their services. Second, they prioritize allowing clients to meet the entire team to build a strategy and a clear message for the campaign. Lastly, they ensure that the campaign reaches full optimization and continued design while remembering holiday periods and key dates for the client.

Three Keys to Success

Jacqueline Ball has three keys to successful digital marketing and running a successful company: gratitude, loving the people, and being willing to do the less desirable work. 


Gratitude is essential to starting each day with the right mindset, and that serving others is a blessing. “Everyday I wake up is an opportunity to serve and do something I love. At Sozoe Creative, that is something we really have strived to make a core piece of who we are.”

Genuine Desire To Serve: 

She also emphasizes the importance of loving all clients and getting to know them personally to make the work more satisfying. “We aren’t out just to make a dollar from our clients. We want to meet their needs and that regularly means going the extra mile.” Whether that extra mile is a detailed analysis of their company structure, going an extra round of editing on their content, or simply listening to their clients requests, Ball and the team at Sozoe Creative are passionate about serving their clients.

Be Willing to Work

Lastly, she stresses the importance of being willing to do the work – no matter how “unappealing” it is. “My success in business has always been based on a willingness to do difficult things.” Again, this philosophy permeates the team at Sozeo Creative. “We definitely go above and beyond when it comes to helping our clients. Yes, t’s extra work, but we find it worth it when we have fully satisfied clients.”

In Summary

Sozoe Creative is a digital marketing agency run by Jacqueline Ball that has over eight years of experience serving a variety of businesses in different industries. With their expertise in social media platforms and their dedication to helping clients reach their digital marketing goals, Sozoe Creative has become an excellent choice for businesses looking to reach their digital marketing goals. For more information on Sozoe Creative and the services they provide, visit their website.


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