Day+West: Elevating Skincare Essentials for the Modern Woman

Day+West: Elevating Skincare Essentials for the Modern Woman
Photo Courtesy: Day+West

Day+West stands out in a world inundated with skincare brands as a beacon of purpose, dedication, and integrity. Founded by Gabrielle Braden, Day+West embodies the essence of elevated skincare essentials, formulated to be kind to sensitive skin and sourced in nature but informed by science.

Day+West’s mission is to create skincare that is not only functional but also beautiful. It aims to provide a tender moment that softens the harsh realities of the world, allowing individuals to gracefully experience everything in between. Through bold self-intimacy, the brand encourages people to explore their inner ingenuine and vixen, embracing the duality of softness and strength, much like the iconic Doris Day and Mae West.

One of the defining principles of Day+West is a belief in the inherent intelligence of nature. The brand relies on progressive science that respects the living world, making every choice with environmental impact in mind. From suppliers to packaging, Day+West considers the impact its products have on the environment, on the skin, on wellbeing, and on society as a whole. This sensitivity to the world empowers individuals and fuels a sense of purpose.

Day+West values honesty and ethics, both in words and actions. The brand is committed to working with trusted partners who share the same high standards and actively seek solutions to minimize their carbon footprint. Their U.S.-based manufacturer, for instance, employs solar energy and has achieved carbon-neutral certification. Furthermore, Day+West’s packaging prioritizes post-consumer recycled materials, setting a high standard in sustainability. The brand has also pledged 1% for the planet, demonstrating its commitment to genuine environmental stewardship.

To ensure safety, Day+West has partnered with SkinSAFE, providing customers with access to personalized information on ingredient safety. Their formulations are carefully crafted, using organic and COSMOS Eco-Cert ingredients whenever possible. In every aspect of their business, Day+West is dedicated to doing better and finding innovative solutions to support their customers, communities, and the planet as a whole.

Gabrielle Braden, the founder of Day+West, brings a unique perspective to the brand. With a background focused on delicate matters of national security for the past two decades, she understands the toll that stress can take on the skin. Long-haul flights, unfamiliar environments, and sleepless nights have made her acutely aware of the need for effective skincare solutions. Instead of collecting trinkets on her travels, Gabrielle sought out local remedies to soothe her remarkably reactive and highly sensitive skin.

Furthermore, her passion for “Old Hollywood” glamor has played a significant role in the creation of Day+West. Gabrielle’s master’s thesis at Georgetown focused on American archetypal femininity during the rise of the cosmetics industry between World Wars. This deep-rooted fascination with the glamor and allure of Hollywood’s golden age is a source of inspiration for Day+West’s products.

What sets Day+West apart from its competitors is its dedication to creating products that truly cater to the needs of its target audience. The brand worked closely with the SkinSAFE team to inform their formulation. All of their products are free from added fragrances, ensuring they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

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