David Phieler on Going Above and Beyond to Help People Acquire Dream Homes

The real estate market has always been cutthroat for both sellers and buyers. There’s a complicated system involving searching, buying, and owning a property that could sometimes prove too much for ordinary citizens. The process can also be intimidating, especially for individuals who are venturing into it for the first time. David Phieler, a mortgage loan officer, understands such frustrations and does not deny that the real estate industry can indeed be a pain. Instead, he helps his clients understand where the headaches are coming from and guides them in navigating the landscape to find the perfect home for their families.

Let’s be honest. Despite the number of years people spend in school, no one is given a blueprint for homeownership, which makes genuine mortgage advisers like David Phieler an asset to anyone. David has helped countless clients understand the real estate market better and led them to own the keys to their dream homes. As an officer at Pilgrim Mortgage, David stops at nothing to ensure that the home buying process is as painless as possible, and he doubles the effort in times when the market gets low in available properties, spiking competition up through the roof. 

David Phieler is among one of the most valuable mortgage officers at Pilgrim Mortgage. He offers a wide range of services through the company, including FHA, conventional VA, and USDA loans. 

David Phieler has been married since 1982. As a family man with three children and four grandchildren, he understands how crucial it is for families to find the right home for their family’s needs. A house is more than just a roof over one’s head, after all. It is a place where families come together to feel warmth and security. Having that in mind, David gives beyond 100% to his clients and provides them with the best customer service anyone can ask for in the real estate landscape. His commitment to putting the needs of his clients first is one of the reasons why David has gained the trust of his clients, who, in turn, spread his name like wildfire.

On a mission to leave a lasting impact on the industry in its entirety, David Phieler provides his clients with unparalleled solutions, amplifying the fact that mortgage officers are there to help others achieve their goals.

“I want to guarantee that every borrower is well-informed and can then select the program that best suits their needs,” the officer said.

Before finding himself in the mortgage industry, David Phieler led a meaningful career in information technology. He worked in computer operations, data center management, and executive management for 37 years in notable companies, such as EDS and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. But besides focusing on IT, David learned invaluable lessons in communication and customer service during his nearly four-decade career, which fueled his passion to serve others and exceed expectations every day.

Asked what he wants to achieve in the future, David Phieler shared that he sees himself helping more individuals and families. The mortgage expert has successfully streamlined the home buying processes for his clients, and he envisions taking his skills to greater heights to help more people bag their dream homes.


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