Cummins Cowgirl Models Success on Multiple Fronts

Work hard, then work even harder. This is the principle The Cummins Cowgirl operates by as she blazes a unique trail in an industry she has come to make her own.

Chloe Yonker, popularly known as The Cummins Cowgirl on social media, is an American entrepreneur, social media influencer, content creator, and an accomplished heavy-duty mechanic. She spent a significant part of her early adult years in Texas and graduated from West Texas A&M University.

The cars and engines aficionado has successfully carved a niche for herself in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Although Chloe has risen to become a respected name in the industry, it was not always easy, and she had to overcome a series of internal battles when she first began—from her lack of experience to nagging doubts about whether she was strong enough to handle the physical exertions of the job.

However, with grim determination and the fire of an independent spirit that has become integral to her personal brand, Chloe powered on through the tears and doubts, devoting herself to her chosen path. In time, she went from wrenching on semi-trucks for a living to owning her own shop and working on her own trucks—with her specialty extending to classic trucks and custom builds.

In a continuing display of tenacity and versatility, Chloe singlehandedly runs every aspect of her business. A typical day involves fulfilling orders from her website, shipping and picking up parts for the vehicles she is working on, and then getting under the hood.

“I wanted to be independent without having to work for any other company so I could have more freedom over my choices on where I go, who I work with, and focus on building my brand,” she said.

She credits a significant part of her drive for success to the community of strong female entrepreneurs and other female mechanics that she has connected with on social media. Watching them succeed and achieve great things left a strong impression on her to keep pushing for more.

Chloe also doubles as an influencer and full-time content creator. The Cummins Cowgirl is known for her amazing looks and pleasant personality and creativity, but perhaps her most outstanding feature is her pure authenticity, which she considers the most important thing. While she has not worked outside of the United States, she has developed a rapidly growing following across various platforms and in several countries around the globe, attracting the attention of several brands worldwide.

Beyond her growing fame and successes, Chloe aims to be a positive influence on everyone she meets. She remarked, “It costs zero dollars to be a good person. Being in the social media eye for a full-time job means you get to see and read some brutal and unkind things about your appearance, character, passions, family, lifestyle, etc., and after a while, it takes a toll on you.” On her part, she strives to be a light for others no matter how hard it gets on the journey to achieving her dreams.

Presently, Chloe works mainly on her own vehicles and those belonging to her close friends. However, in the coming years, she hopes to own a full-time automotive customization shop open to the public. She also aims, through her lifestyle, to inspire others to put in the work and unearth their creativity in whichever path they have chosen.

Learn more about Chloe Yonker and her projects, connect with her on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her official website.


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