How One Conversation With DotConnect’s Founder, Dominique Farnan, Can Change Your Life

Dominique Farnan
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Founder and CEO Dominique Farnan embraced a quality growth mindset after experiencing a toxic corporate environment. Since then, she has vowed to connect the dots with others by helping people regain their power and create a culture of consciousness.

“Today, people’s expectations have shifted, and they’ve shifted permanently,” shares global talent executive Dominique Farnan. “People are waking up; consciousness is waking up. And we’re spreading the word.”

Farnan is a Founder, speaker, and author most known for matching top talent with global businesses through her company, DotConnect, which she founded in 2011. But now, Farnan is garnering attention for her work and advocacy around conscious leadership, whereby she is encouraging other leaders and individuals to take a growth mindset to create a healthier, more productive corporate culture.

While Dom is fully committed to this leadership approach, that was only sometimes the case. “I spent two decades living an unhealthy, workaholic lifestyle that cost me everything from relationships to the beginnings of motherhood,” affirms Farnan. “It wasn’t until I surrendered to deep inner work that I realized I had it all wrong: It’s not just about accolades and validation, but personal relationships and inner peace.”

Dom’s inner healing began in 2021 when she hit her personal and professional rock bottom. While she seemed to have everything together in the eyes of the outside world, her world was crumbling internally. “I was not an active participant in my life, and as a result, I was bringing negativity to others. It was time to make a change, or else I knew I ran the risk of losing everything.”

Farnan engaged with the support of a coach, attended workshops, and began making space for herself each day through journaling, meditating, and working out. Slowly, as she began confronting her behaviors, she became more open and understanding of the behaviors of others, which made her more conscious of how our inner and outer selves are connected.

“Suddenly, the way I connected with other people – my family, my friends, my team – it all shifted for the better,” says Farnan. “I was able to reconnect with why I started my business in the first place and who the driving force behind the name is.”

That would be Farnan’s grandmother and role model, Dottie, who always talked about leading with love and being a cheerleader to those who need it.

“I shifted focus to how I could serve my team and support them in their growth. What I do in our company now is ensure that regardless of whether you stay with us for a day, a year, five years, or forever – the time you work with us is the best time of your career,” articulates Farnan.

Part of that is achieved in how she manages her global team and how she connects with clients and speaks to them about the importance of creating inclusive, conscious cultures at their place of business.

“I have worked with over 400 companies, and there are so many out there that do not know what it means to be a conscious leader,” says Farnan. “So I work with them – it means truly understanding who you hire and the value they bring to the table and the broader team. It means leading with empathy and remembering that we are all human. 

And it also means having some fun. Since I’ve adopted this new mindset, my team’s energy has shifted, and our clients see that and want to bring that to their own culture. Little by little, company by company, we are making a positive impact through conscious connection.”

Since scaling her company’s first year of business to $3M, her tribe of ‘unicorn hunters’ has become proud to serve an operation named by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. 

The Greater Los Angeles-based firm is changing the game in recruiting with a formula for success that is proven and effective. 

“We connect the dots by showering talent with opportunities,” declares Farnan. “We focus on creating these little ripple effects, how we show up, and what’s in our control. And that’s our tiny little space of energy,” smiles Farnan.

Dominique Farnan
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With impressive prominence under its belt, the niche firm prides itself on ensuring they locate and retain value in numbers.
“I strive to create a company of fully formed emotionally intelligent adults who deliver a high level of service,” insists Farnan. “They need to make clients and candidates and everybody they engage with feel differently from the beginning conversation with me, from the end and post conversation to the project.”

Ultimately, Farnan’s company is not just a social enterprise but a team of people who are intentional with their actions and optimally supply the very best. Their goal is to connect talent to extraordinary opportunities they present, giving individuals new life chapters to innovate, teach, and thrive. 

For DotConnect, it’s not enough to meet expectations; they strive to deliver a service that consistently exceeds expectations. 

“We don’t want to take over your entire recruiting process, fill your org chart, and bounce,” explains Farnan. “Instead, we want to form a partnership, learn what makes your business tick, and help you grow an impactful corporate culture.”

For more information on how to do the same for your business, connect with Dominique Farnan on LinkedIn or check out DotConnect’s website here.


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