Co-authoring with Brian Tracy and Medhat Zaki: Improve Your Authority by Mentoring Budding Entrepreneurs

Co-authoring with Brian Tracy and Medhat Zaki
Photo Courtesy: Medhat Zaki

By: Strategy Achievers LLC

Entrepreneurship is a fulfilling journey that can lead to financial freedom and success. However, it is not always a walk in the park. For many budding business people, it can also be a challenging journey filled with self-doubts, unpredictabilities, and unrealistic dreams that can lead to disappointments when things don’t go as envisioned.

Yet, some challenges are primarily due to a need for more business experience and an understanding of market trends. These upcoming entrepreneurs can avoid mistakes and overcome challenges with good mentorship and guidance. Insights from people with experience who know what works and what doesn’t can positively impact their business’s direction. 

In business, proven principles and strategies can increase the chances of growing a new business into a profitable and sustainable venture. They can be the key to achieving financial success. 

Sharing Knowledge of Your Expertise

This scenario allows experienced business professionals in various fields to mentor budding entrepreneurs.

One of the effective ways of giving guidance is through books. Writing a book lets you capture a topic in detail; in a way, people can reread and reference the information. Aside from contributing to the growth of others with guidance and advice, becoming an author in your area of expertise also helps you grow your brand. It helps improve your brand’s authority in your field. The book becomes your business card, portraying your expertise in the field. Like-minded professionals can interact with your work, which could open chances for networking, partnerships, and consultations.

The predicament is that writing can be challenging for some. Settling on the topic, arranging your thoughts, and the whole process can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to do it alone. You can join like-minded authors and collaborate or contribute your thoughts and expertise to a book project that aligns with your brand.

Succeeding in Business Markets

Medhat Zaki has joined hands with renowned and bestselling financial freedom writer Brian Tracy to create the ultimate business guide that shows what it takes to accomplish business success.

The book, “Succeeding in Business in any Market,” offers a roadmap for navigating and thriving in today’s business landscape. It provides insights that equip the reader with the mindset necessary for creating and growing a successful venture. It also provides them with practical strategies to maximize opportunities available in their market and tips to navigate challenges.

Brian Tracy has written over 80 influential bestsellers and spoken at events about business success and financial freedom. He has an in-depth understanding of business principles and success habits that can aid entrepreneurs in achieving their full potential in business.

Medhat Zaki, on the other hand, has a wealth of experience in business modeling, sales psychology, and marketing. He has helped several companies grow their sales and revenue and position themselves as trusted brands. This combined experience equips them with the knowledge and insights from first-hand experience that give value to entrepreneurs in their journey to success in the business world. 

To make the book more comprehensive and practical for various niches, they seek business coaches, consultants, and storytellers to share their insights. These professionals can contribute tips from their vast knowledge and experience in marketing and positioning, conflict management, business leadership, and more. These experts stand the chance to be part of a bestseller book project by co-authoring with Brian Tracy, positioning themselves as authorities in their fields, ready to mentor budding entrepreneurs. 

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