CleaningMaidSimple LLC on Coping With the Times to Help Community Combat COVID-19

The demand for professional cleaning and sanitation services quickly escalated because of the risks posed by the pandemic. Owners of both commercial and residential spaces became aware of the need for thorough cleaning after studies revealed the devastating threats of COVID-19 in shared environments. Hence, upon realizing the need of the community, CleaningMaidSimple LLC revamped and strengthened its services to cope with the times. 

CleaningMaidSimple LLC is a facility maintenance service company based in California. In its seven years of operations, the company has served various establishments, including California State Universities, performance centers, investment firms, shipyards, schools, high-rise buildings, biotech companies, restaurants, and residential buildings in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego.

CleaningMaidSimple LLC is known for its thorough cleaning services, carried out through its systematic sanitation and cleanliness approach. The company has built strong ties with its clients by consistently delivering incredible results after each service. CleaningMaidSimple also established daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance systems tailored to the needs of each client to guarantee results. 

Despite their well-developed cleaning and sanitation programs, CleaningMaidSimple LLC still saw room for growth because of the new challenges brought by COVID-19. The company took the initiative to acquire new skills to combat the spread of COVID-19 in public areas as well as in family homes. Knowing that the virus can be everywhere, the company improved its approach to better help its clients today.

Since then, CleaningMaidSimple LLC has played a pivotal role in deep cleaning and disinfecting residential and commercial spaces across California. With their newly-revamped systems, the company was able to aid business owners to reopen their doors to the public after the lockdowns and welcome customers with confidence that they will be safe inside their stores. 

Oscar Munoz founded CleaningMaidSimple LLC. Aside from being the CEO of a well-respected cleaning and sanitation company, Oscar is also a Sales & Business coach. He aims to help other entrepreneurs kickstart their brands in the industry. Before incorporating CleaningMaidSimple three years ago & going full time, Oscar lost his nine-to-five job. After going through such a tough setback in his life, Oscar vowed that he would never be fired from a job again. Soon enough, the CEO and his team became responsible for cleaning  over ten million sq. ft. of real estate in their community. 

“What separates us from other competitors is our proactive approach to cleaning and our ability to identify issues in real-time and respond quickly and effectively to customers on a 24/7 basis. In addition, we offer a wide range of services, making it very simple for our customers to find additional services they are looking for,” said Oscar Munoz. “We believe a clean working and living environment adds value to everyone’s lives,” he added.

With their effective solutions to one of the most coveted services in these trying times, CleaningMaidSimple is indeed at the top of its game. Its foolproof system, made possible with its honest and hardworking staff, is now deemed an essential favorite among its clients. Without a doubt, CleaningMaidSimple will remain as a top-of-mind choice in the industry.

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