Claudia Correa: A Portrait of Unparalleled Professional Achievements

Claudia Correa A Portrait of Unparalleled Professional Achievements
Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

In the constellation of corporate excellence, few stars shine as brightly as Claudia Correa, a distinguished alumna of Bentley University McCallum School of Business. With a formidable array of academic laurels and professional milestones, Claudia’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication and strategic brilliance.

Claudia Correa’s academic credentials are nothing short of impressive. Undertaking the Herculean task of completing two demanding master’s degrees simultaneously, Claudia emerged triumphant, graduating cum laude from both the Master of Science in Digital Innovation/Information Technology and Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. Her GPA, a stellar 3.53 and 3.60 out of 4.00, respectively, underscores her intellectual prowess and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her Bachelor of Science in Management, complemented by a Minor in Marketing and achieved with honors, lays the foundation for a career characterized by leadership and innovation.

Claudia Correa A Portrait of Unparalleled Professional Achievements (2)
Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

Claudia Correa’s skill set is a robust amalgamation of linguistic prowess and technical mastery. Her linguistic fluency spans English and Spanish, offering seamless communication in bilingual environments, while her proficiency in Portuguese and conversational skills in French break down international barriers. In the technical realm, Claudia is adept with Process Model Software and thoroughly versed in the Software Development Lifecycle, showcasing her capability to oversee projects from conception to execution. Her Database Management and Big Data Analytics proficiency reflects a deep understanding of data’s crucial role in contemporary business strategies.

Further reinforcing her technical competence, Claudia excels in IT innovation strategy and Risk Assessment Management, ensuring that digital assets are safeguarded under her watch. The analytical rigor is evident in her quantitative analysis skills, which enable data-driven decision-making. Correa’s project management abilities are honed in Agile methodologies, advocating adaptability and iterative progress in fast-paced business environments. Additionally, she is well-versed in Security Governance and using Salesforce, illustrating her capacity to lead in securing customer relationships and data integrity.

On the programming front, she is proficient in an array of languages and tools, including Python, R, Java, and Scala, as well as data-centric platforms like Hadoop and Spark Clusters, bolstering her ability to analyze and manage large data sets. Her expertise extends to SQL for database querying, Tableau for data visualization, and SPSS for statistical analysis, encompassing a broad spectrum of data processing capabilities.

Her technical prowess is complemented by industry-recognized certifications, such as Adobe Workfront Core Developer and Mendix No Code Developer, which signify her dedication to continuous learning and application of cutting-edge tools. Leadership is ingrained in Claudia’s professional ethos, evidenced by her tenure as Program Owner of the Latin Professional Network at Ernst & Young and her influential role as Vice President of the Business Analytics Society at Bentley University. These roles underscore her capability to lead diverse teams, navigate cross-cultural landscapes, and drive analytical initiatives in business analytics.

Claudia’s foray into the U.S. market was groundbreaking. She was instrumental in clinching a trailblazing deal for a vegetable distribution company, driving the implementation of an all-encompassing software system. The contract, valued at over $5 million, speaks volumes of the trust and confidence vested in her capabilities, setting a remarkable precedent for industry-wide digital transformations over the next four years.

The telecommunication sphere in Mexico felt the impact of Claudia’s strategic acumen as part of the team that pursued the development of an internal system product for the nation’s largest telecom entity. Her foresight and ability to navigate complex technological landscapes facilitated a leap in operational efficiency and service delivery, reinforcing her status as a strategist per excellence.

Claudia’s technical expertise shone once again as she worked with a formidable team to develop cutting-edge algorithms for one of the successful fast-food chains in the United States. This endeavor showcased her ability to work synergistically with a dynamic team and her capacity to innovate in the fast-paced world of quick-service restaurants. With a wealth of experience, Claudia ascended to the ranks of trusted leadership, serving as the right hand to the CEO of a company generating over $700 million annually. Her role is pivotal, demonstrating her influence and the confidence she inspires in the highest echelons of corporate governance.

Claudia’s professional prowess garnered the attention of Kerrigan Advisors, who invited her to the prestigious NADA event, Women in the Auto Industry Dealers. There, she shared the table with renowned CEOs and influential women who have shaped the automotive industry for decades. This surreal experience not only honored her contributions but also placed her among the luminaries of the sector.

Claudia Correa’s career is a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for aspiring professionals across the globe. Her blend of academic rigor, pioneering spirit, strategic ingenuity, and executive leadership makes her a paragon of professional success.


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