Christie Taylor: Making a Difference in Childhood Development with “KIDZ R’ KIDZ”

There is no doubt that teachers and educators are superheroes, as their love and dedication for imparting knowledge influence their students for eternity, paving the way to valuable lessons. One such individual is Christie Taylor, the esteemed owner and founder of KIDZ R’ KIDZ, who finds fulfillment in her career in the childcare industry as she helps her students navigate their formative years.

Christie Taylor’s passion and priority for child upbringing are unmatched. As one of the foremost advocates of children’s proper upbringing, she understands that children need to receive adequate attention, education and be loved in a safe environment. 

However, because most parents are working today, Christie took it upon herself to create a safe, loving second home environment for parents and kids in Cleveland, Ohio. She started KIDZ R’ KIDZ, a childcare institute visualizing her dream of building a deep-rooted community that fosters growth and strengthens the family and community bond.

At KIDZ R’ KIDZ,  one of Christie’s many unique attributes is her undeniable passion for teaching, learning, and her continuous strive for excellence in herself, tutors, and children. She has worked alongside parents and clients who want to keep track of their children’s overall well-being and development. 

As she continues to take significant strides and make transformative contributions in the childcare industry, Christie brings KIDZ R’ KIDZ to the forefront in childcare. She is currently preparing to open her third KRK Location to accommodate as many children and to help bring comfort to as many parents as possible. She also wants to revolutionize the childcare industry and is setting the trend with KIDZ R’ KIDZ while staying connected with both tutors and parents.

On top of being a childcare expert, Christie Taylor is also making a historical impact as the new black female entrepreneur to join the roster of Chadd Black, a black branding guru, CEO of 713 Agency, LLC in Houston, Texas.

Her passion for excellence, entrepreneurial flair, and distinctive approach to facilitating children’s wellness and growth has been widely acknowledged by CEOs, managers, investors, corporate employees, parents, and other authoritative figures from different backgrounds. 

With her eyes set on actively elevating not only her business but also Cleveland’s community of kids and patents as a whole, Christie Taylor is bound to experience many years of continued success in the childcare industry as she lends a helping hand to parents who could use the help.

In the coming years, Christie hopes to continue impacting young children’s lives, spreading love and transforming lives by expanding KIDZ R’ KIDZ to more locations in Ohio and the United States while giving it the recognition it deserves.  

With her extensive experience working with kids from different walks of life, Christie Taylor remains committed to lending a hand to thousands of parents, guardians, and other entrepreneurs as they navigate the intricacies of child development as well as the importance of unyielding determination. To know more about KIDZ R’ KIDZ, visit its Instagram page.


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